Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler have been the talk of the town ever since they went public with their relationship, albeit not intentionally. 

Barrett was initially dating Josh Richards, who also was best friends with Hossler. During a rough time in the relationship, Richards was under the impression that he was giving Barrett some space to ultimately get back together with him.

Spoiler! That did not happen. Instead, Richards found out the hard way that his best friend was more than just friends with the woman he loved.

Following suit, a throng of fans and TikTokers sided with Richards, including some of the biggest names in the game like Griffin Johnson and allegedly Larray.

Was Larray on Team Richards?

While Johnson was very upfront about his support for Richards via a slew of tweets — even going as far as asking his followers to unfollow Hossler on social media platforms — it was unclear if Larray agreed with him.

In a series of tweets, supposedly in support of Richards and against Hossler, Johnson applauded Larray for unfollowing both Barrett and Hossler on his socials. This led fans to believe that Larray had chosen his side.

However, the 23-year-old later went back to following both Barrett and Hossler, leaving fans utterly confused. One of Barrett's fan accounts even called Larray out on Twitter with a screenshot of Demi Lovato's tweets reading "GET A JOB" and "STAY AWAY FROM HER."

To which, Larray replied, "slay queen! you did that! get her ma! you ate with this one," sending fans spiraling into more confusion. 

Larray Cleared the Air

Thankfully, Larray decided to come clean and explain his side of things via a direct message to the fan account. In the message that the fan account later posted on Twitter, Larray explained that his reply to the previous tweet was a joke.

He apparently thought that people didn't take the ongoing drama until just recently. He explained that he, Hossler, and Barrett had been on good terms the whole time.

The YouTuber clarified that he never got involved in the saga. But, an unnamed party got him in on some "horrible lies," which led him to unfollow the newfound couple.

He also assured that those lies had since been cleared out and things were back to normal.

The social media celebrity affirmed that he would never follow the hate train, especially against someone like Barrett, who he described as the sweetest person he had ever met. 

Larray ended his message with an apology for upsetting anyone before wishing the fan account a nice day.

Larray's response in the DM aligned with the stance he took when he was previously questioned by the paparazzi on how he felt about the Hossler and Barrett dating drama

Steering clear of any issue, he refused to make a comment on the matter.

Richards Wants Things Handled Offline

Despite the press and fans taking such a keen interest in the ongoing feud, Richards has since put all of it behind him. Richards took to Twitter to tell his fans that neither Barrett nor Hossler acted out of malice.

He was of the opinion that the entire fiasco should have been handled offline. Since changing the past was not an option, he urged everyone involved to move on.