TikTok star Nessa Barrett became the target of cancel culture when she uploaded a video of her dancing to the Quran’s passage, which some people found offensive. The Muslim community was not happy with her apologies as she tried to justify her action as a mistake that people did not find sincere.

Nessa also brought her family dynamics to explain her actions, which she said she would not have intentionally done because her stepmom is from Egypt and is also a Muslim. 

Nessa Danced To A Passage From Quran

The 17-year-old uploaded a video of herself and her friend dancing to an audio track of a man reciting a passage from the Quran, captioning it as “fave sound.” Nessa’s disrespectful behavior offended many people, particularly the Muslim community. 

She apologized by going live on Instagram and explained how the video came into existence. “We were trying to think of ideas for TikToks and scrolling on my page when I saw a video of an old guy singing something. I didn’t understand what he was saying, but I really thought it was the cutest thing.” She talked about her stepmom being Muslim and said, “I just want to apologize for anyone who took it that way and was offended. I think I’m sorry to anyone that practices that religion.”

Not Her First Time Offending The Muslim Community

Nessa had offended the Muslim community even before the controversial dance video. In her 2019 TikTok, she claimed to be a Muslim. That video, too, was offensive as she was singing along to a Christian song about Jesus with the caption that read, “I’m Muslim. And I oop-“. 

Her followers brought this up to her recent throw it back to Holy Quran's controversial video as Nessa not being sincere in her apologies. She again apologized, “I’m truly sorry and sincerely apologize for my actions. I’m still only a teen and am learning while being watched by millions.” Though the Tik Tok star claimed she was just a teenager, many people countered it by saying she was old enough to understand what she did was wrong.

Nessa's Stepmom And Step-Siblings Are Muslims

The TikTok star shared about her family relation and experience with the Muslim religion on TikTok live. She said her stepmom and step-siblings were Muslims. She opened up about having a hard time a few years back when she was mad at her birth mother and was not talking to her. Her stepmother took on her mother’s role, and she got to learn about the Muslim religion, their beliefs, and rules. She mentioned that she even fasted once while living with them, and she had never heard, read, or recited the Quran.  

Relating this to her controversial video, she said she did not know that she was insulting the religion. She said that she was not a hateful person and that she had spread nothing but positivity and love. She admitted she danced and posted the video to that audio but explained that it was a mistake as she had no intention of hurting anyone and had no knowledge of what the audio was about.

Nessa added the situation had taught her a huge lesson that she is thankful to have learned. She now knows the impact of her platform and that she should be more careful, aware, and educated on other people and different cultures.