Gizelle Bryant was born on September 9, 1970, to her parents, Curtis Graves and Joanne Graves, in Houston, Texas.

Her father is a former politician and a civil rights activist, while her mom is a housewife.

She reportedly has two siblings — an older brother named Chris Bryant and a sister. However, the information of her having a female sibling cannot be verified as of this writing.

Gizelle was once married to pastor Jamal Bryant, and the former couple is parents to their three daughters, Grace Bryant, Angel Bryant, and Adore Bryant.

Getting to Know Gizelle Bryant's Parents

Bryant's father, Curtis, has spent decades in public service. He is known for his tenure at the Texas House of Representatives, where he was a member between 1967 and 1973 as a Democrat.

A graduate of Texas Southern University and Princeton University, Curtis was one of the three African-American members elected in 1966.

During his office, he undertook varying reforms, including gun control and criminal justice.

Upon completing his term, he moved to Washington D.C in 1974, where he worked for NASA's Academic Affairs Division and eventually as its Director for Civil Affairs.

Gizelle Bryant with one of her parents at an event.

Television actress Gizelle Bryant with her father Curtis Graves at an event. (Photo: Instagram)

After he retired from NASA in 2003, Gizelle's father associated himself with full-time fine art photography while running a website to showcase his craft. Additionally, Curtis went around the country exhibiting his work.

On July 28, 2015, he was recognized for his distinguished career in public service by then-Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen during a ceremony.

He is widely regarded as one of the most influential members of the early Civil Rights Moment, having worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On the other hand, only little is known about Gizelle's mother, Joanna.

The Real Housewives of Potomac star shares a very close-knit relationship with her mom, who has accompanied her to multiple concerts and sports events.

She also makes frequent appearances in Gizelle's social media posts.

Gizelle Bryant's Former Husband and Children

The television personality married her former husband Jamal in 2002.

But unfortunately, in 2009, the parents of three kids went separate ways following a divorce, ending their marriage of seven years.

Jamal was reportedly responsible for infidelity, which led to the split between him and Gizelle.

However, the former pair were reported to have reconciled their relationship in 2019.

Grace, born on November 4, 2004, is the first child of her parents, while sisters Adore and Angel are twins born on April 30, 2006.

Gizelle's oldest daughter came to public notice after her appearance in one of the episodes of RHOP. But, unlike their elder sister, Adore and Angel are yet to make a television appearance, as of this writing.

Grace is currently a high school student. In addition, she is a co-owner of a steak house along with her mother and sisters.

Reportedly, Gizelle's ex-husband Jamal has three other children from two different relationships.

While he is reported to have daughters Naomi and Topaz from his relationship with a church member, he also has a son named John from a different partner.