Ethan Suplee weighed over 500 pounds when he was 24. At his peak, the actor had a weight of 536 lbs.

Suplee has since changed a lot, going through an amazing weight loss journey. He has lost over 250 lbs throughout the years and hit his personal goal of getting his body fat percentage to less than 10%.

In October 2020, Suplee had a body fat percentage of 9%, and he talked with Men's Health about reaching the milestone.

He mentioned the photos from his recent photoshoot published in the article, noting he was happy with his body.

"I'm at my absolute pinnacle. I spent 35, 40 years without taking my shirt off in public. The shadows haven't been enhanced. There's loose skin. There are scars. This is who I am."

Ethan Suplee after losing over 250 lbs

Ethan Suplee after losing over 250 lbs. (Source: Ethan Suplee/Instagram)

Suplee also opened up about the steps he took to succeed in his weight loss journey, including cycling and diet. However, his transformations wouldn't have been possible without his wife, Brandy Lewis.

Ethan Suplee Credits Wife for Weight Loss

In an interview with People (The TV Show!), Suplee revealed his wife helped build the foundation for his weight loss transformation.

He explained how having her helped him, "I became… interested in the future and having experiences with her. Like spending a day walking around a museum or going on a trip or hiking that I just wasn't physically able to do."

Suplee made a similar statement about Lewis in an Instagram post he uploaded for her birthday on December 13, 2021.

Sharing a picture of himself and his wife, the actor wrote he didn't think about the future before meeting her. But after their first encounter, he was admittedly excited about his life every day because of her. 

Ethan Suplee wishes his wife Brandy Lewis a happy birthday

Ethan Suplee wishes his wife Brandy Lewis a happy birthday. (Source: Ethan Suplee's Instagram)

Suplee first met his wife when they were both sixteen. He described them as "very, very, very close friends."

The famed star shared he was utterly in love with her, but she was not totally into him. Things changed when the two later reunited in 2001. Eventually, they tied the knot in 2006.

Together, Suplee and Lewis are parents to four children, all daughters — Bella Lewis (born 1997), Lily Lewis (born 1998), Francis Clementine Suplee (born 2005), and Billie Grace Suplee (born 2007).

Ethan Suplee's Weight Loss Journey

Suplee's friend and film director Kevin Smith also played a major role in the actor's jaw-dropping body transformation. 


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According to Concisemag, they had made a bet about who would lose more weight in a decade while working together in the 2005 movie Mallrats. And in the next ten years, Suplee lost over 200 lbs.

The thing that helped him shed the most weight was cycling. For much of the decade, Suplee cycled for six to eight hours a day.

Later on, he moved away from just cycling and paid more attention to other workouts and his roles in action movies.

He even launched his podcast, American Glutton, and started talking about the benefits of better eating and exercise.