Jay and Silent Bob are one of the most loved fictional character duos. While writer-director Kevin Smith played Silent Bob, the role of Jay was portraited by Jason Mewes. The fact that Smith wrote Jay's character, especially for Mewes, makes this pair even more loveable.

Over the years, their friendship has been thoroughly tested, but the two have overcome every hurdle and managed to maintain mutual love and respect for one another.

Jay and Silent Bob Are Real Life Best Friends

A bond between the two Hollywood stars is one of the most appreciated and long-lasting offscreen friendships ever. The same is the case with Jay and Silent Bob. Not only are they best buds in a fictional universe, but they are also best of friends in real life too.

To show the love for his pal, Smith took his Twitter to say some kind words and celebrate the decades-long friendship with a throwback picture of him and Mewes. Under the photo, he wrote, "Me and the Boy, circa 1997. I’ve spent well over half of my life standing next to Jay Mewes - an alliance of hetero-lifemates that’s lasted longer than most marriages and survived nine motion pictures."

While Smith has his way of showing his love for his buddy, Mewes had taken a notch higher. How so? Well, he got the name of his best mate's daughter, Harley Quinn, tatted on his back! While he has a fair share of tattoos on his body, this one is quite special and is a real example of the pair's friendship. 

Jason Mewes
Jason Mewes with his tattoo dedicated to Smith's daughter (Source: Facebook)

"The 7-year-old Harley was mystified, yet delighted," Smith wrote on his Facebook page. He shared the news about how years ago, Mewes spent an entire day on the inker's table to complete the tattoo.

"It's beautiful to see that you have so much love for your best friend's child. Kids need all the love they can get. I am sure, and awesome uncle," one of the users commented on the said post, and we totally agree with her.

Mewes Battled with Drug Addiction

The Clerks star Mewes always cracked up the viewers with his marijuana and drinks on screen, but little did we know, the star actually fell into drug addiction in his early 20s in real life. While his reel-life persona made him a fan favorite, his life choices off the screen entirely caused him to go down the rabbit hole—personally and professionally. 

Talking about his addiction experience, his pal Smith revealed that Mewes's initial slide into drug dependency was caused by tragic family history as he was born to a heroin abuser

Born the son of a heroin abuser, [and] spent most of his childhood raised by an aunt while his Mother fed her jones or spent years in jail.

Despite the problems at home, Mewes remained clean until his high school days, but tables took a turn when he started drinking and pot-smoking while shooting for Clerks. On top of that, the movie director and his friend Smith also said that the actor was actually playing his real self in the movie.

The addiction was life-threatening to him as well as his relationship with Smith. Not just that, the actor had to face charges of the law as well when he reportedly met an accident with the car of an off-duty police officer at a traffic stop. Then, he was driving under the influence. He was then attained for heroin possession after the police inquiry.

It is believed that Mewes' habits of consuming the heroin were causing him health damage that apparently rotted his teeth and weakened them. Moreover, reports say that he later afforded surgery (dentures) that gave him a perfect smile. Not just dentures, some fans argued that he's even had plastic surgery to get his chin, jaw, and lips done too.

teeth, chin, jaw and lips all look different as if he's had plastic surgery... wondered if he'd been injured or something

Mewes Has Maintained His Sobriety for a Decade

The New Jersey native hit rock bottom when he found himself in the Christmas fire in 2002, where he was awakened on the couch with flames around him. Apparently, the Dogma star hadn't defused the candle that he lit while high on Heroin.

This particular incident was the turning point in his sobriety as he then decided to sober up and sought help from his close family and friends. Unfortunately, it did not last long as he fell into the trap once again after just four years.

Thankfully, his best buddy Smith was by his side, who got him into rehabilitation yet again. And the good news? He's been clean since 2010.

Following his sobriety, the classic duo started a podcast where they talked about their journey and everything in between, which also helped them fight their own battle with addiction and drinking. 

In July 2020, Smith also shared an Instagram post celebrating a decade of Mewes' self-restraint and sobriety. His caption on the post was very heart-touching as he wrote, "I love you, Jay! Thank you for denying your demons so we can Reboot and Get Old together!"

Presently, Mewes is married to his lady love, Jordan Monsanto, and is blessed with a beautiful daughter. Professionally, he has gone back to acting full time and even released Jay and Silent Bob Reboot alongside Smith in late 2019.