Dog trainer Cesar Millan is currently facing a lawsuit filed by young American gymnast Lidia Matiss. In the document, she alleged the celebrity trainer's pitbull bit her and killed Queen Latifah's pet dog. The lawsuit is currently ongoing.  

Who Is Cesar Millan? 

Millan is a Mexican-American dog trainer born on August 27, 1969, in Culiacan, Mexico. He is well known for his former hit TV reality show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.

The popular show started airing in 2004 and was brought to an end in 2012 after several petitions were filed against the show by animal rights groups and animal lovers. 

He currently lives with partner Jahira Dar and has two sons, Andre and Calvin, from his former wife, Ilusion Millan. The married couple separated in 2010.

Both of the sons seem to have followed in the footsteps of their father. Millan's elder son Andre, age 26, is an animal handler/actor, while his younger son, Calvin, age 20, is a dog trainer. 

What Is the Lawsuit Regarding Millan's Dog Junior?  

Up and coming American gymnast Lidia Matiss has filed a lawsuit against the celebrated dog trainer. In her suit, Matiss claimed to have been bitten by Millan's now dead pitbull, Junior, in 2017. 

As per TMZ, the young athlete mentioned that Junior was roaming the halls unsupervised and unleashed when Matiss encountered him. Additionally, she claimed to have been repeatedly attacked by the dog while she was visiting her mother. 

She alleged Junior bit her on the legs, including her left calf, leaving the gymnast with severe injuries. Matiss said she needed ER treatment after the attack. 

Having performed in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics in her very young career, she accused the dog and its dog training owner of ruining her career. As per Matiss, she was on the verge of getting recruited by the University of Pennsylvania, but the biting incident changed everything. 

In addition, Matiss suggested Junior murdered rap legend Queen Latifah's pet dog and accused Millan of trying his best to cover it up. According to Matiss, Millan, through his staff, let Latifah know that her dog died after getting hit by a car.

She recalled when the rapper brought her two dogs to Millan's Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, California. In her accusation, Matiss said that Junior mulled one of Latifah's two dogs to death. 

Matiss's mother once worked for Millan in his dog center. She has supported her daughter's claims and recalled Junior having a history of being aggressive. 

In his defense, during the ongoing lawsuit, the dog whisperer claimed Matiss understood the "risk of being bitten" and further called her "negligent." However, Queen Latifah hasn't commented on anything regarding the matter. 

Millan's Tribute to Junior

Junior, Millan's beloved pitbull, died on July 21, 2021, at 15 years of age due to natural reasons. Later, the celebrated dog trainer posted an emotional video on his YouTube channel and paid tribute to the late dog.

Millan remembered his deceased dog in the video titled 'A Tribute To My Best Friend (Junior Millan).' Recalling the day, he brought Junior to his dog center; Millan called Junior "just a regular dog" who "was playful," and "always loved to play."