In football, Adam Thielen is a superstar who became a starting receiver for his home-state team right out of college. However, to his wife Caitlin Thielen, he's just her Adam. 

But that does not mean she does not understand the gravitas of her husband's title. She told the Vikings News

Even still, it doesn't seem [real sometimes] – to me, he's just Adam. But then when I stop to think about it, he is an NFL player. How cool is that? That's so awesome. People dream about that.


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Still, the truth is that throughout Adam's career, Caitlin has been a rock in his corner, and her support is unbelievable and unwavering. Adam said so himself. He also makes it a point to let his loving wife know how much she means to him. 

"I tell her all the time that I definitely wouldn't be here without her support," Adam said. "She lets me do the things that I need to do to be the best football player, the best husband [I can be]."

Adam Thielen's Wife Pushes Him to be the Best

It's not just her support that Adam is grateful for, but also her competitive spirit. Caitlin is often more competitive than Adam is, which, as he claimed, was a hard thing to do. 

While his wife's competitive spirit had helped him be the best he could be in the field, it made playing board games at home infinitely more difficult, Adam joked. 


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"She's probably one of my toughest critics … she knows the game just as well as I do," Adam added. "I'll get home and she's like, 'Man, what were you doing there? How come you didn't catch that one?'"

The NFL star's wife was not one to sugarcoat his shortcomings, making her one of his harshest critics, another quality he deeply appreciates. 

All that said, it's not just his wife's love, support, and criticism that Adam has waiting for him at home. He also has a family of five. 

Adam Thielen and His Wife Have a Family of Five

Adam and Caitlin were a family of four with their two sons, Asher and Hudson, until last Christmas, when they announced they were expecting to have another baby. 

Caitlin was the one to break the news via her Instagram, where she shared a collage of Christmas-themed pictures, but with a special revelation. 


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The two Thielen brothers were dressed in sweaters with "Big Brother" printed across the torse as the two were holding the letters H & O in each hand — "Ho, Ho, Ho."

Well, the last picture in the collage wasn't the jolly "Ho," tho! Instead, it was an "Oh!" with the couple acting surprised. The second snap saw the whole family posing with the soon-to-be elder brothers, posing with their sister's sonogram reports. 

And on June 22, 2021, the Thielens were a family of five with the addition of the couple's youngest daughter, Cora Hean Thielen.