American singer-songwriter Avriel Benjamin "Avi" Kaplan is a very secretive guy who rarely talks about his personal life.

Though he is tight-lipped about his romantic life in public, the singer expressed his love for his former partner through his two-part song entitled ‘Sweet Adeline.’

Kaplan’s ‘Sweet Adeline’ Is All about His past Relationship

Till now, many singers have reflected their love towards their lovers, partners, or wife through their songs. And Kaplan is one of them. Through his two-part song ‘Sweet Adeline,’ the California native managed to express his feelings about his past relationship.

The first part of the song was released on June 9, 2017. When Billboard interviewed him on the same day, he mentioned that the song was a joyful and happy love song. Kaplan continued by saying that everyone is always looking for love even though there's a risk in loving that person. 

Likewise, when he was interviewed by the Tennessean on February 14, 2020, after releasing the second part of ‘Sweet Adeline,’ the singer mentioned that he felt much better after sharing his feelings through music. He also shared that he wanted to reflect on the sadness of his failed relationship and keep it joyful to cherish those lovely times.

Often times I’m much better sharing my heart with music than just with words

Moreover, while having a conversation with Tommy Marz, the singer revealed more details about his two-part song. He shared that the first part was about when he was young in love, and the phase felt like a honeymoon stage.

While continuing the conversation, he stated that his relationship didn’t work out, and they separated. Part two of ‘Sweet Adeline’ was all about explaining his relationship and the things he had to say to his former partner.

His Dating-Life Rumors

As Kaplan likes to keep a low profile about his romantic life, his fans have speculated about him dating other fellow entertainers.

For instance, around late 2014, it was rumored that he was in a relationship with his fellow Pentatonix band member Kirstie Maldonado. But, as it turned out, the speculations were false as Kirstie was in a relationship with another man.

Likewise, in 2017, another speculation surfaced that stated Kaplan was dating a girl named Aleen. The fan who speculated it even dug out some pictures in which the pair was seen together. However, the rumors also remained as just rumors because no official statement confirming the gossips came out.

Moreover, in late 2017, a tweet from Trisha Paytas gave Kaplan’s fans another chance to gossip about his personal life. In the tweet, Paytas mentioned the singer was a liar and a manipulative person. She then said how the two were in love, but Kaplan didn’t want to be seen with her.

The topic got a huge hype, but when Trisha deleted her tweet, people began to think it was just a trick to gain attention as she had done it previously.

Not only his fans, but the singer himself had also given something to his fans to gossip about in the past. On July 30, 2014, the singer posted fan art of him and Emilia Clarke through his Instagram handle and even captioned the picture as my girlfriend and me.

However, as there were no further details to link the two, the post was taken as nothing but a funny joke.