For American political pundit, Kirsten Powers, the power of love wasn’t strong enough to hold onto two failed relationships. Did she learn from her past experiences and failed married life to find herself a perfect partner? 

The Alaska native is a woman of multiple talents. In addition to her role of a USA Today columnist, she also serves as a CNN political analyst, and Fox News contributor. Moreover, she is also a bestselling author whose book The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech (2015) was one of the most read books of 2015.

CNN News: Powers calls out ex-Trump campaign aide over Kavanaugh comments (Published on Sep 27, 2018)

She previously worked for the Clinton Administration as the Deputy Assistant U.S Trade Representative for Public Affairs. After serving the White House during Clinton's term she has been a regular in TV, having appeared in various shows like Anderson Cooper 360° with Anderson Cooper, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, and The Lead with Jake Tapper.

Kirsten Powers Bio Including Her Age, Salary, Net Worth, Height

American national Kirsten Powers was born on December 14, 1969, in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her parents were Archaeologists belonging to Irish-American heritage. She graduated from the University of Maryland and then pursued her Law degree from Georgetown University Law School.

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Standing at an imposing height of 6 feet tall she has been able to achieve similarly dizzying heights in her career. A well-known figure for National Council for Research on Women and Human Rights, she has always spoken for the betterment of women and written in similar topics for various esteemed columns.

Her career height has been accurately reflected in her net worth which stands at around $20 million, making her one of the richest media people today. 

Sexually Assaulted At Age Of 15

The CNN reporter, aged 50, is very vocal about her opinions and beliefs and never one to shy away from voicing her concern against what is wrong. In the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s case of sexual assault, in support of the victim, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Powers shared her own story in the news column. 

Describing what a sexual assault victim has to go through, she detailed of her own abuse story she suffered when she was 15 years of age. Powers' in her column wrote: 

I passed out at a party after being fed all sorts of alcoholic concoctions by older boys and woke up with my shirt off and a popular senior basketball player on top of me. Dizzy and confused, I could barely remember anything about the night before. I asked what had happened and the boy told me we had just snuggled, but he couldn’t explain why my shirt was off. 

The gravity of the situation only came to her mind after she was in the school a few days later where she found out through her friend that she was being ridiculed,

“A few days later, a male classmate I was close to exited the boys' locker room visibly shaken. He told me this boy had bragged in the locker room that he had molested me when I was passed out.

After the incident, she was the butt of jokes among students and suffered emotionally. And, through her story, she vocally opted for Kavanaugh to be removed from his post of Supreme Court Judge as it set a wrong example for teenage boys and girls.

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Kudos to the brave Kirsten for speaking up against the wrong and even sharing her story to make her point.

Kirsten Powers' Failed Relationships--Married Once, Heartbroken Twice 

The political commentator has had her fair share of traumas in her life. Her sexual abuse was not the only traumatic period she had to go through in her life as she had the ignominy of going through multiple failed relationships. 

Gorgeous, intellectual and lovely, with all the right attributes in her, Powers has always been a big hit among men and her dating history reflects that. Her list of boyfriends consists of varied names, form senators to doctors. 

She briefly dated Congressman Anthony Weiner in 2002 after meeting him at a post-campaign party. Weiner was a comforting and doting partner to her but their relationship only lasted for 3 months.

Anthony Weiner Sexual Misconduct Case: Kirsten talks about her ex-boyfriend's sexual misconduct on FOX News (Photo: Youtube)

In 2011, Kirsten's ex-beau was accused of sexual misconduct. Once being close to Weiner, she believed in him all these years. Poor Kirsten was left heartbroken when she knew the truth about his deeds and maintained her professionalism by vocally opting for his resignation from Congress during CNN's coverage of the news.

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That’s what is special about Kirsten she is never afraid to speak against what’s wrong. 

After a broken relationship, she found love again, and this time with a doctor. After a brief dating period, she got married to American Surgeon Marty Mackary in 2010.  

Ex-Husband: Kirsten Powers Ex-husband Marty Makary (Photo: Wikipedia)

The husband and wife duo seemed to be going all nicely as they were pictured attending high profile events together. Not just that, the couple also enjoyed each other's company. But the relationship that looked fine from the outside was slowly crumbling from the inside. 

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LIke with her previous relationships, this one also could not last forever. In 2013, Kirsten and her husband decided to untie the knot due to some personal complications.

Kirsten must've been extremely heartbroken after two failed relationships which is why she remained away from the dating scene for a few years.

Kirsten Powers Is Engaged, Husband-To-Be Is Also Journalist

Many would have given up on their quest of finding the right partner after going through a failed relationship and a failed marriage. Never someone to give up, Kirsten was still positive towards finding love again. And boy she did!

She is now happily engaged to Robert Draper, author, and writer for New York Times Magazine and National Geographic.

In fact, the CNN hottie and her husband-to-be have already spent two years as an engaged couple having accepted the ring in 2016. Not just that, they could be now turning their thoughts on getting married and giving their relationship a permanent name.

ENGAGED: Kirsten showing off her engagement ring (Published on Kirsten Powers Instagram)

And the couple does not shy away from showing off their love to the outside public. Her boyfriend turned fiancee is a constant feature of her Insta wall and she labels him as her 'favorite being.'

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Moreover, she is also a favorite among the Draper family, as she celebrates major festivities with them. It seems just a matter of when not if the couple is to get married.

Congrats on finding love again to Kirsten Powers!