American journalist Kaitlin once used to flaunt her love life recurrently on her Instagram. But she stopped sharing the glimpse of her relationship since 2016. 

The Alabama native currently serves as the White House Correspondent for CNN, a position she held since 2017. Previously, she served as the White House Correspondent for the website The Daily Caller. Kaitlin has broken several stories in her coverage for which she has gained both popularity and criticism.

Work Ban: Kaitlan Collins answers all the questions raised on why she was banned from the white house on CNN Live News (Published on 25 July 2018)

Kaitlan has also made an appearance on various TV & web shows with Brian Williams, Kate Bolduan, Ben Shapiro, Ticker Carlson, Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Erin Burnett, and others.

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CNN Journalist Kaitlan Collins’s Bio

Kaitlin Collins was born on 6th April 1992 in the State of Alabama. She pursued her primary education from Prattville High School. 

Later, she went to the University of Alabama, where she got graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in journalism and political science in 2014.

Kaitlan Collins Controversial Career: Joins CNN At Age 25

Kaitlin instigated working as a freelance writer and blogger, and soon she was hired by The Daily Caller. In 2016, she covered the 2016 presidential campaign for the Tucker Carlson-owned site. In January 2017, she became the White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller. Her fierce interviewing technique and bold questionnaire made her very popular with the audience.

Later in June 2017, she was rewarded with a contract at CNN Network as a White House reporter at the age of 25. Since joining the network, Kaitlin has broken several stories in her coverage of the Trump White House, traveled with President Trump in Asia reporting stories extensively.

Despite having a good reputation as a reporter, she doesn't fail to drag herself into controversies.

Recently on 2018, she was banned by The White House after asking questions to president Donald Trump about what he saw as 'most important national-security matters facing us' instead of using the press corpses last opportunity to further investigate matters of Micheal Flynn.

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CNN also created a report about her actions according to which Collins who was a specific CNN reporter was seen representing various news channels being a Pool Reporter in a room during the meeting between president Donald Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker who is president of European Commission.

Her Net Worth Increases As CNN's White House Correspondent

Currently, she resides in a luxurious apartment in Alabama and serves the CNN Network as the White House Correspondent. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for CNN correspondents is $136275.

Given Collins is the head White House Correspondent, receives compensations- base salary - assets and bonuses, there is no doubt that she is one of the top earners and enjoys a top-notch salary plus incentives.  

Is Kaitlin Collins Married To Will Douglas? 

As of her love life,  she once occasionally flaunted her married-like relationship with a handsome young man on her Instagram.

She was regularly photographed in stylish dresses in different places with Will Douglas, starting from June 2015.  Will is the founder of Crimson Care Pharmacy Group and acquired Prescription Pharmacy in Whitney, TX.

They were possibly dating but never disclosed their relationship status with the media. The attended many events and traveled to different places together enjoying each other’s company.

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Back in May 2016, the reported couple enjoyed a delightful vacation with their close friends, and later in June; they were also seen attending a wedding ceremony.

Further, on July 2016, the pair visited the Nationals Park in Ballpark Washington, D.C. They were last seen together in a wedding ceremony at Gin Creek Plantation in November 2016.

For The Last Time: Kaitlin’s last post on her Instagram with her possible boyfriend in Gin Creek Plantation in November 2016 (Photo: Kaitlin Collins’s Instagram)

Since the last post, the couple has remained quiet about their relationship, and Kaitlin has not posted any picture with her husband-like boyfriend.

As of 2018, she has remained mum regarding her relationship. She is reportedly unmarried and is actively involved in her journalism career so far.

Kate, aged 25, is quite active on her social media where she updates her professional life activities as well as personal matters.