CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins is a familiar face in US TV, even more so in the past few months. As the white house correspondent for CNN, Collins has reported news non-stop on the recent US presidential election.

While she is known for her political knowledge and has been in the spotlight for her trending disputes with the President’s press secretary, Collins’s life is much more than just politics. She is in a seemingly wonderful relationship, and some even say that she is married.

We will explore Collins’s relationship, find out more about her boyfriend, and answer whether she is married.

Kaitlan Collins Is In A Long-Term Relationship

Collins has been in a relationship with pharmacist/ politician Will Douglas for at least five years. They were first introduced as a couple through a September 2015 Instagram post by Douglas that referred to Collins as “bae”. But even before that, their first picture together was in July 2015 when Collins wished her man a happy birthday.

The two are recently not seen together on social media as often as they used to, but that does not mean that they have grown apart. US elections are a tough time for any journalist, and since Collins is the white house correspondent, she would naturally be swamped. Simultaneously, it seems like her boyfriend also has a lot going on at the moment. It could be that they simply have too much work and don’t have much time for each other. 

Kaitlan Collins’s Boyfriend Is A State House Candidate For Texas

Collins and her boyfriend seem to be the perfect pair, one covers politics, and the other is a politician. Will Douglas is running in the 2020 elections for State House as the candidate for Texas District 113 from the republican party. hE secured 100% of Republican votes in the primaries, and he has the financing of over 2 million dollars. He is definitely serious about his campaign.

Besides his involvement in politics, Douglas also has a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Oklahoma. He is the owner of Crimson Care Pharmacy Group, a small pharmacy store line in Dallas. Along with that, he also owns two more drug stores: Cody Drug and Prescription Pharmacy in Sulphur Springs and Whitney, respectively.

Collins Hints At Being A Good Mom But Remains Unmarried

Naturally, one may think a couple like Collins and Douglas is married. After all, Collins seems to have already met the Douglas family, as this Instagram post shows, and they have been together for half a decade now.

In another one of her Instagram posts, Collins also hinted at being a good mom when she “[reports] for aunt duty”. However, the couple has chosen to remain unmarried, or there is no evidence that they are married. Perhaps they prefer not being so committed because they have so many career obligations, who knows?