Kaitlan Collins is a familiar face of U.S. television. As a political correspondent for CNN, she reports news non-stop from the White House. 

While she is known for her political expertise and has been in the spotlight for her trending disputes with the President’s press secretary, Collins’s life is much more than just politics.

She was in a relationship with Will Douglas, and some even suggested that were married.

Collins' Relationship with Will Douglas

Collins was in a relationship with pharmacist and politician Will Douglas.

An owner of Crimson Care Pharmacy Group, Douglas ran in the 2020 elections for State House as the candidate for Texas District 113 from the republican party.

Collins first opened about their relationship through a now-deleted Instagram post in July 2015. The chief white house correspondent shared a picture of him and wished him a happy birthday. 

Just months after, Douglas also Instagrammed a photo of Collins and referred to her as “bae.”

Their budding chemistry was visible until 2017. Collins shared quality time with her boyfriend's family, especially with his mother Melinda Douglas and brother Tanner Pierce. 

But from early 2018, she stopped sharing pictures with her partner and even deleted the ones related to him. While she has commented nothing on the split, the removal of her boyfriend's photos from her account and the same on her partner's account hint at their separation. 

CNN's Youngest Chief White House Correspondent

The Alabama native grew up in an apolitical family. Her parents and other family members never talked about elections and political affairs. The only program where they watched news was The Today Show. 

As Collins was distant from politics, it would stand to reason that she didn't pursue journalism at first. She followed in her sister's footsteps and studied chemistry. Only after struggling with the subject, she understood that science was not her cup of tea. 

As a result, she changed her course to political science and journalism. She graduated with flying colors in 2014. Thereon, she joined an opinion website, The Daily Caller, and moved to D.C.

She first covered the entertainment beat and later covered news from the White House. While doing so, she attended a White House correspondents event and met CNN's president, Jeff Zucker. Her sheer dedication had caught the eye of the media giant. 

Soon after that, she got called for interviews and within a month she had joined the CNN as a member of the white house team.

Her new job was indeed her career propeller, but it didn't spare her challenges. She was banned from reporting in the Rose garden during Trump's administration. 

Thanks to her ace skills, Collins triumphed over the challenges and got promoted as the chief White House correspondent in January 2021. She made history by being the youngest female to get the title. She was only 28 years old.