After keeping his sexuality a secret for years, Anderson Cooper came out of the closet and announced himself gay back in 2012. However, it was a secret that many people could have guessed and hence would not be surprised.

Anderson Cooper is well-known as one of the most popular television personalities and journalist who also is an openly gay man. He is the anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360 ° and covers some of the most prominent news events as well.

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It was in 2007 that Anderson started hosting CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, which is a show that recognizes and honors extraordinary deeds by ordinary people.

Peeking At Anderson Cooper's Bio

The Manhattan native was born on 3 June 1967 to parents Wyatt Emory Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt. His media experience began at an early age appearing on The Tonight Show at the mere age of three with his fashion designer and writer mother.

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His father died at the age of 50 after suffering a series of heart attacks and undergoing open-heart surgery. The journalist regards his father's book, Families to be a guide on how he would have wanted his son to live, which is why Anderson feels 'very connected' to his father.

Anderson didn't experience a happy childhood as he lost his older brother. Carter to suicide in 1988 by jumping from the 14th-floor terrace of Vanderbilt's New York City penthouse apartment.

But Anderson actually cites his brother's suicide for sparking his interest in journalism as he said on New York Magazine in March 2007,

Loss is a theme I think a lot about, and it's something in my work that I dwell on. I think when you experience any kind of loss, especially the kind I did, you have questions about survival: Why do some people thrive in situations that others can't tolerate? Would I be able to survive and get on in the world on my own?

And today Anderson has become a widely known journalist with five Emmy awards on his shelf. 

Openly Gay Anderson Cooper Split With Benjamin Maisani

Anderson Cooper, a prominent openly gay journalist, behind all the camera reporting, was in a relationship with NYC nightclub mogul, Benjamin Maisani since 2009. Stretching his professional trivia, Benjamin is a successful bar owner and owns several gay bars in NYC including Eastern bloc, Bedlam Bar & Lounge, and Atlas Social Club.

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Together Or Not? Benjamin and Anderson attended the 2015 amfAR Inspiration Gala New York on 16 June 2015 (Photo:

However, in an interview with US Weekly on March 15, Cooper revealed that he and his partner Benjamin had broken up. He made an official announcement of their split without stating the reason for their split.

Furthermore, Anderson said though they are separated, they are still family for each other, and love each other very much. They will remain as best of friends and continue to share their lives together.

Anderson & Benjamin Split Reason

While speaking to People magazine, Anderson said that Benjamin was annoyed by the hectic schedule of Anderson, but Benjamin also knew that he loves it. By the above statement given by Anderson, it looks like Benjamin was not happy with Anderson, as he used to travel a lot for work; making it a highly possible split reason of the former power couple.

Before their split, they were seen together traveling to Tahiti alongside Allison Williams, Bradley Cooper, Diane von Furstenberg, Irina Shayk, and Cohen.

Back in October of 2016, one of the sources said that even Cooper's mother Gloria Vanderbilt was trying to plan a wedding for him and Benjamin.

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Though they were in a relationship for the past nine years, Benjamin and Anderson have never made public about their relationship. They did not even escalate their association via marriage.

Anderson and Benjamin were spotted for the last time earlier while leaving their Manhattan home.

Anderson Cooper Seen With Another Partner?

According to Daily Mail, after his split with former boyfriend Benjamin, Anderson was seen spending quality time with Victor Lopez, a certified radiologist.

Victor has been working as a radiologist for the past eight years and currently he is affiliated with Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas. They even had five trips together to Dallas where Victor lives.

Furthermore, Anderson was spotted with Victor in pictures posted to social media from January and February, while he attended the 33rd birthday party of Victor.

After parting ways with longtime partner Benjamin, it is likely that Anderson's romance blossomed with a new partner Victor. However, Anderson has not confirmed about their relationship whether they are dating or not, but still, all signs seemingly point to yes.