British-Iranian journalist Christiane Amanpour embraced a successful career and a marriage that credited her with a loving husband and supportive children.  

The London native soared high in fame after covering some of the world's most newsworthy events for the popular networks like CNN, ABC, and CBS. Her fame enriched after she started hosting CNN's Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World.

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Christiane is a member of the International Women's Media and has served as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for journalist safety and freedom of expression since April 2015.

Christiane Amanpour's Bio: Age & Career At CNN

Born on 12 January 1958, Christine Amanpour was raised in Tehran. The 60-year-old initiated her career in Journalism from WBRU-FM in Rhode Island in the early 1980's.

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Afterward, she was hired by CNN as an entry-level desk assistant in 1983. Christiane worked as the correspondent, and eventually covered numerous big news from all over the world. 

In 1992, she became CNN's chief international correspondent and anchored the interview show, Amanpour in 2009. She also became the first international correspondent to interview presidents such as Tony Blair. Jacques Chirac and Pervez Musharraf. 

However, in 2010 Christiane left CNN after working there for 27 years and joined the ABC News. She started hosting the network's show This Week. But in December 2011, she left the show and started working as a reporter for the network. 

Meanwhile, she also returned to the CNN as the host for her previous show, Amanpour in 2012. Since then, Christiane has been a regular host of the show, Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World as an interim replacement for the departed “Charlie Rose.”

The show credits Christiane with a salary of $2 million, which adds to her net worth that currently dwells around $12.5 million.

Christiane's Interview With New Zealand Prime Minister

The CNN journalist sat down with the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern to discuss topics revolving around her running the country while parenting her child, New Zealand's rate of domestic violence and world maps without the mentioned country.

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Speaking to Christiane, Jacinda Ardern didn't bother to fabricate New Zealand's highly increasing rate of domestic violence and confessed to how poor the abuse and reporting rates were.

Jacinda also openly talked about the revelation of wealthy doomsday preppers burying up land in New Zealand, saying that she wanted an investment that would do good to the country.

Christiane didn't hesitate to ask Jacinda about her three-month-old baby and she admitted on wanting to normalize the time for her baby. She didn't hesitate to address the issue publically fronting a campaign on New Zealand's place in the world maps.

Christiane Weds Twice With The Same Person!

Christiane is married to husband James Phillip Rubin, an Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. The couple first met when Christiane was on assignment and James was on his duty, assisting the Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright in Bosnia back in 1997.

They fell in love with one other over a late-night drink at a hotel in Zagreb, Croatia and decided to get married. 

Afterward, on 9th August 1988, when Christiane was 30 years of age, the duo got into wedlock via a wedding ceremony held at the Church of Santo Stefano in Bracciano, Italy. Later the same day, the pair again married via a Jewish tradition performed at Castello Orsini-Odescalchi.

Wedding's Bell Ring: Christiane Amanpour with husband James at their wedding in 1988 (Photo:

After twelve years of their marriage, the pair welcomed their first child on 28th March 2000, a son who they named Darius John Amanpour. Christiane's husband James, after the birth of their son, chose to stay at home to look after the child. 

James left his job as an assistant for Madeline Albright to support Christiane on her work and to give full time for their son. 

During an interview with the People in 2003, James even gushed that his decision of quitting the job was to help his wife raise their son and quoted that doing so also helped him a lot in knowing their child. 

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Christiane also added and revealed that she feels great to return home to her husband and son after being involved in outdoor works.

Moreover, the love and affection they had for each other even made them one of the World's 50 Most Powerful Couple of 2012. 

As for now, Christiane is content to have a loving husband and an adorable son in the family, and live with them n NewYork City. She with her husband has undoubtedly set a marriage goal for many couples.