American R&B heartthrob Johnny Gill has been perpetually dogged by gay rumors and romantic involvement with actor Eddie Murphy.

The rumor mill ran to such an extent that Gill had to take a lie detector test to prove his loyalty towards his then-girlfriend!

Gay Rumors Affected his Past Relationship

Gill and Murphy have been close pals for a long time. The bond between the two raised a few eyebrows, including those of the singer’s ex girlfriend

The singer had to take charge and put all the gay rumors to rest.

So, when he appeared on The Breakfast Club in December 2014 to promote his album Game Changer, the 55-year-old also stated that the baseless rumor had affected one of his past relationships, and he’d like it if they stopped.

Talking about his past relationship, Gill’s ex girlfriend, Carissa Rosario, was quite concerned about his relationship with Murphy. So much so that he had to take the lie detector route to appease her.

The singer shared he did it to protect his relationship with the woman with whom he was engaged. 

It wasn’t about the people that I wanted to prove it to. I was dating my ex and I remember her coming back to me one day saying, ‘I’m hearing all this stuff about this and that, and you and Eddie,’ and I’m like, there’s no way. I said, ‘Do you believe that stuff?’ She said ‘No, but people are saying this and that.’

He reasoned that he wanted to get married to her and he wouldn't want his wife to be to have any doubts. 

The singer also cleared that it was not his potential wife's fault and that it was the ever-active rumor mill that planted seeds of doubt in her mind.

He wanted to make sure that there was nothing to be doubted and wrote the questions himself. Gill told his then girlfriend to ask whatever she wanted. Upon getting the answers, she cried and said she never doubted him.

 People talk, and people are going to always talk, and there’s nothing I can do about that. It was many people. And at the end of the day, I’m like, hey, it is what it is. The thing that I realized was, if I had worked to try and prove to somebody that I’m not somebody that they think I am, everyone would have won. Because now I’m coming outside of me trying to do something to prove something to somebody. I had to continue to go forth and do and be who I am.

Gay Rumors Never Affected Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy's Relationship

In the same interview, when asked whether the rumors negatively affected the friendship between the two, Gill proudly replied negatively. The singer revealed that they never really spoke about the topic and didn’t care what others would think of them.

Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy in an event.

Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy together in an event. ( Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the singer said that he had always kept his channels of communication open. If anyone felt or thought of him that way, they could clear things with him directly.

Never. Me and Eddie never once thought about it. Here’s how we all felt, our whole crew: Talk that s**t you want. But I’ve offered many times. Anybody that felt or thinks that I’m that way, or believes that I’m that way, come and approach me. I’m approachable. 

Johnny Gill Is Compassionate Towards the Gay Community

Apart from this, in one of his 2013 interviews with OMG! Insider, when asked about why there have been questions about his sexuality, Gill said that even he doesn’t know the logic behind it and would have loved to get rid of that issue forever.

Not only that, the R&B singer believed the rumors were the result of a bygone era where there were no social media platforms for people to share their opinions, and the audience believed in whatever was written in the papers. 

In the same interview, the ‘Perfect’ singer also clarified that being called gay or being accused of anything that is not the truth about an individual didn't feel great.

Gill further said that after the fiasco surrounding his sexuality, he had more compassion for people who were gay.

He said that he had inadvertently stepped into their shoes and felt society’s different viewpoints and behavior because of the gay rumors.

Does Johnny Gill Have a Wife?

Although Gill was vocal about having a girlfriend he thought he would get married to, the relationship apparently didn't pan out well.

That is to say, Gill doesn't have a wife as of this time of writing even though he was engaged once. He has never mentioned having a wife or wedding in his interviews or socials. 

Having said that, the singer does have a 16-year-old son named Isiah Gill.

Although he has never shared the details about his baby mama, he has mentioned his son in his tweets once in a while. 

Back in April 2011, he tweeted about a sweet moment he had with his on.

"My son is laying on lap watching the game with me," he wrote, wondering what an incredible gift God had given him. He added he couldn't ask for anything more.