We've seen many Hollywood families that are big and blended through multiple marriages and adoptions. But did you know American gospel music singer Guy Penrod and his wife, Angie Clark, have eight children of their own? Yes, you heard it right; the couple is blessed with seven handsome boys and a lovely daughter.

As much of a hassle as it sounds, the couple managed to get by through the years rather smoothly. The children are now grown-ups and have started their own family — which means the Penrod duo is now ready to take on grandparents' roles to their three granddaughters!

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The Love Story that Started Three Decades Ago

At a time when divorce is rampant, the Penrod couple has stuck together through all the thick and thin. The love story that started as a high school romance is now going 35 years strong. Penrod and Clark met at Liberty University when he was heading to junior year, and his wife joined the college as a freshman.

Back in the day, Clark was quite the basketball player, and Penrod, of course, was the soulful singer that he is still. It was in summer when he saw her tall and beautiful wife, who was taking bets with her friends to pass a hurdle. Clark won the bet, and Penrod said, "That's the girl for me-right there."

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The couple then got introduced by a common friend, and the gospel singer asked the athletic beauty for a movie date. After dating for 3 months, the singer popped the question and asked her to marry him. She didn't answer the question, initially and he believed that when a girl doesn't answer a question, "it's a big NO."  But lucky for him, his Ohio Sports Hall of Famer wife said yes after a couple of weeks on her birthday.

The college romance lasted for two years, as her dad made him wait until he graduated college to get married. The singer graduated at 10:00 a.m. on their marriage day and got married at 8 p.m., the same day.

Meet the Extended Penrods

The husband-wife duo then moved to Atlanta soon after their 1985 wedding, and there, the Texas native worked and as a music teacher. Later, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee countryside, and Penrod pursued his musical career.


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Soon after, they gave birth to their firstborn, Tyler. Gradually, they increased their family's size—in total,  they were blessed with seven sons and a daughter, who is also the youngest of the bunch. Their children are (oldest to youngest): Tyler, Logan, Joe, Jesse, Levi, Grayson, Zach, Lacy.

Apparently, the couple never spoke about how big a family they wanted in the past but believed in God. In an interview with Family Life, the Nashville couple revealed that his wife wanted the youngest three kids, including the daughter. On top of that, the former basketball player was also amazed at herself on how she managed to take care of the children alone, as most of the time, the singer would be on a musical tour on the weekdays. 

...when I was holding a two-year-old with one on the way—and there was a two, four, six, eight—and I would just be getting groceries or whatever. My mom and dad had not moved down yet; and they would look at me like, “How are—how do you do that?”  And I just—that’s all I knew. 

Talking about their children, four of the eldest ones, Tyler, Logan, Jesse, and Joey, are now married and living a happily married life. Not only that, Logan, Jesse, and Joey have already started their own family and are proud fathers of their daughters.

The Next Phase of Parenthood as Grandparents 

As much as they’ve enjoyed the journey of parenting eight children, now the singer and his wife are all set to take up Grandparent duties.

The countryside duo is now blessed with three granddaughters. The singer also shared a lovely Instagram post where he was holding his first grandchild in February 2020.