Gospel singer and musician Fred Hammond takes the unorthodox route and often gets criticized for them from the church-going community. He himself is divorced but is quite vocal about the love and romance a man and wife share with each other (among the issues he faces).

He divorced his wife in 2004 and still hasn't remarried. But claims to be searching for the perfect one to share his love with. He has one daughter BreeAnn with his ex-wife and adopted a boy named Darius, a.k.a. "Bubba."

Fred has proved time and again that he is unafraid of being controversial among his Christain followers. In addition to singing about romance, the artist recently faced heavy blunt for collaborating with Snoop Dogg and Kanye West, people the orthodox Christians call 'outsiders'. 

Fred Hammond Keen To Get Committed Again after Divorce From Wife

It has been sixteen years since Hammond divorced his ex-wife Kim Hammond, but the gospel singer hasn't re-married since or even been in a relationship for that matter. 

In an eight-year-old interview with essence.com, it certainly looked like Hammond wasn't ready to jump on the bandwagon then. In the said interview, when asked about his prospects for another marriage, the gospel singer said that his pastor advised him not to jump too quickly into another marriage.

However, he also followed that up by saying that he was indeed looking to get married and welcomed the idea that someone special was waiting for him.

In the meantime, the gospel singer focuses his time on putting up songs in praise of Jesus and God. He has even won multiple Grammy Awards for his work. 

Besides Singing About Jesus, He Is Focused on Singing About Love Too

Unlike other gospel singers, Hammond has taken his gospel singing a step further. He takes the platform of gospel singing to sing about love and romance, which the singer repeatedly gets the flak for. 

His critics argue that gospel singing is a praise to the Lord and Jesus Christ, and his songs tainted the very concept of that. But Hammond justifies his work by saying that love and romance was something that was in dire need in today's times. 

In the same interview with Essence, Hammond stated that he never quite understood the taboo nature of romance in the gospel singing world. He argued that if good people (meaning god-fearing) could say things like “I love you my baby”, “My honey…”  and the likes, then there shouldn’t be a problem when people sing it.

It’s a crazy taboo that has to do with years of tradition. If they can say, “I love my baby” or “My honey is so good to me,” then there shouldn’t be a problem when you sing it. 

He then brought to attention the staggering figures of divorce in Christian homes and how the love that they preach in churches was far removed from reality. He mentioned that fifty percent of first-time marriages ended in divorce. Second-time and third-time marriages had a failure rate of sixty and seventy percent, respectively.

While those facts might need corroboration, it is apparent where Hammond was getting at. He said that people coming to churches put on a good face, but the story behind their walls was in stark opposition. And that his love and romance songs were his way of fixing that. 

Fred Hammond Is Unafraid Of Being Controversial Among His Christain Followers

Time and again, Hammond has challenged other orthodox Christian believers' views regarding his songs of love. Contrary to the populace, Hammond believes that falling in love and an intimate connection with one’s partner was God’s gift that one shouldn’t be ashamed of it. 

He argued back to his critics, through his Facebook, for not understanding the turbulent times a relationship can oftentimes come across and even understand the feelings of single men and women who wanted that feeling of love to feel connected. 

God is love and with in Himself lies the most intense and greatest of all intimacies...That's why falling in love, a deep soul intimate connection and sexual intimacy feel so good because it's God's gift we've just perverted and distorted it. 

In the lengthy Facebook post, Hammond happily married couples or happily single did not understand the feelings of the larger diaspora when they say "As long as you have Jesus, you don't need anybody else." To emphasize his argument, he took the example of Adam and Eve and argued that inside God was the greatest of all intimacies, and He wanted to share that gift with His people. 

Hammond's stance on romance is not the only source of criticism that the singer faces. The singer also repeatedly gets the flak for collaborating with other singers and artists from outside the gospel genre. 

In 2018, he and other gospel singers took the heat for collaborating with rapper Snoop Dog for a gospel album. For that particular album, Hammond lost his close friends because they believed him to be a sinner. 

This didn't put a dent in his future work. It can even be said that it strengthened his resolve further.

Immediately, the following year Hammond teamed up with yet another controversial artist, Kanye West, to work on his Jesus is King track, 'Hands-On'.

His Daughter Is Now A Grown-up Who Has Grown Out Of The Strain From Her Parent’s Divorce

Hammond’s daughter BreeAnn was only a teenager when he and Kim divorced in 2004. He had a strained relationship with his daughter, to say the least. His daughter, BreeAnn, even spoke on the record about her relationship with her father. 

In an interview with redigioning.com, she said that her parents' divorce affected her deeply and put a strain on her relationship with her father. She also said that as a married woman, she now understood the complexities of marriages and accepted that her parents were imperfect human beings trying to live right the best way they knew how. 

In Hammond’s defense, he always did the best he could in the best way he knew how. He claimed that he became spiritually empty after the divorce from his wife, Kim. And his immediate priority after the separation was to ensure that his two children, who both appeared in Love Unstoppable, were well-settled and to let them know that he wasn’t abandoning them. 

BreeAnn certainly seems to have forgiven her father’s past misgivings as she now sings backup for her father during his shows. In fact, she takes much from her father as she even helps him write some of his songs.