Although not a celebrity like her husband, Tara Beane was one of the most fortunate of the people, as she married her childhood friend and was able to have a strong relationship with him for almost two decades with her amazing qualities.

The socialite is mainly known for being the long-time wife of former American baseball player and successful front office manager. His efforts as a manager into making Oakland Athletics perform better in spite of the lack of money is depicted in the movie, Moneyball, where Brad Pitt plays him.

Moneyball: Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane trying to make his team, Oakland Athletics, perform better despite the lack of financial resources in the movie Moneyball (published on 16 June 2011)

Here we present to you lesser-known but interesting wikis about Billy Beane's wife, including her age, net worth, wedding, children and family details.

1. Tara & Billy Beane Were Friends As Children

While there is little to almost no information regarding Tara Beane, she is primarily known through her husband. Apparently, the two of them grew up together San Diego.

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But it was a long time before Tara and Billy got together. Billy’s career as a professional baseball player might have come in the way, or they might have totally lost touch because of their different paths. Either way, Billy had to go through a failed marriage to find his way back to Tara.

2. Husband Was Married To Another Woman Before Tara

When the fate was in the way of Billy and Tara’s union, Billy married an American Tennis player, Cathy Sturdivant. The couple tied the wedding knot in San Diego on February 1986.

During his marriage with Cathy, Billy Beane was at the peak of his career and used to play in the Major League Baseball as an outfielder for the teams like Oakland Athletics, New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, and Detroit Tigers. Things, however, weren't working out for him and it might have caused some strain in his marriage and contributed in a way for its end.

The couple had a daughter together named Casey but the little girl couldn’t save her parents’ marriage.

3. Tara & Billy Reunited After He Stopped Playing

By the advent of the 90s and the end of his first marriage, Billy had already left playing professionally. Due to the streak of bad performances, he was relegated to play in the minor league. Tired and wary, Billy left the game to become a front office executive.

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Things perfectly coincided with his reunion with Tara as he was being successful in the management job for Oakland Athletics. Billy and Tara eventually tied the wedding knot in 1999. The couple has two twin children together, a son, Brayden, and a daughter, Tinsley.

4. Tara's Accepting Nature and Billy's Net Worth Key To Sustained Marriage

Unlike Billy’s previous marriage, his relationship with Tara has lasted for almost two decades and is still looking strong. The credit probably goes to Tara for her incredibly accepting nature, which is evidenced by the fact that she has accepted her step-daughter, Casey, as her own and is practically the mother of three, even if she gave birth to only two.

Tara & Billy Beane: Tara Beane(right) and her husband Billy Beane have spent almost twenty years as a married couple (Photo: Pinterest)

In addition to that, Billy is immensely rich because of his career as a player and a baseball manager. According to wikis, his net worth totals to a staggering $ 6 million. With that much amount of net worth and strong love between them, their love has withstood the force of time.

Now the family of fives lives in Danville, California, relishing their married life.

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Even after twenty years together, there is no news any quarrel or disputes and it seems like Tara and Billy's married life will last for a lifetime.