Ever since Scott Bloomquist suffered critical right leg and hip injuries in a motorcycle crash in 2019, his career has seen a steady downfall. The injuries he sustained in the crash led to a delayed start to his 2019 career and also limited success in terms of wins.

In particular, his 2020 season has been horrendous—so much so that his whole racing career is in jeopardy as of now.

Scott Bloomquist’s Racing History: Career & Championships

To put into perspective Bloomquist’s recent crisis, we first have to look at Scott’s and Scott Bloomquist Racing (SBR) Team’s illustrious history in the racing scene as a whole.

The first few races that he ever took part in were in 1982. He became a track champion at the Speedway 117 in Chula Vista, California that year. He became the track champion again after two years. The competition was held at the New Kingsport Speedway in Kingsport, Tennessee. 

Since the 1984’s championship triumph in Tennessee, Scott has won 17 championships and series, including:

  • the Big Johnson National Series in 1998
  • the UDTRA Hav-A-Tampa National Series in 1998 and 2000
  • the $100,000 UMP Summernationals Series in 2002
  • the Xtreme DirtCar Series in 2003 and
  • the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series in 2009, 2010, and 2016

Along with these, SBR has also won many events with major cash rewards. His latest big-money event win was the $100 thousand prize in 2018 Dream XXIV at Eldora Speedway in  Rossburg, Ohio. 

As for his championships, his 2016 win at the Lucas Oil Series was to be his last major championship. 

String Of Crisis in 2020 for SBR

During 2020, SBR won just a single race out of the 55 races, including total races from both Scott Bloomquist and Chris Madden.

The start of the tumultuous year began when the two new cars SBR introduced (each for Bloomquist and Madden) sustained heavy damages after serious crashes. The disastrous season was compounded by the lack of wins in races from both drivers and the economic hardship that the pandemic brought about. 

This series of unfortunate events pushed SBR into what looked like a bleak future. 

Chris Madden’ Departs the Team Amidst the Crisis 

After the turbulent start to 2020, Scott Bloomquist and Chris Madden made a mutual decision to part ways in June of that year. This separation put even more question marks in the already uncertain long-term future of the SBR. 

For the immediate future, though, Bloomquist plans to race alone with the #0 car for the remainder of the 2020 racing season— which includes participation in championships such as World of Outlaws Series Tour.