Sharina Hudson is a certified bodywork therapist who came into the limelight in 2017 after her affair with Kevin Hunter, the then-husband of television host Wendy Willaims, surfaced.

At that time, the news didn’t receive much attention, but in 2019, things started to boil up after the couple's marital life began to deteriorate. And, their married life became worse when television executive Hunter welcomed a child with his mistress.

Hunter and Willaims Were Married For Over Two Decades

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Willaims shared their wedding vows more than two decades ago, in 1997, after meeting at a skating rink three years earlier. Together, they were blessed with a son named Kevin Junior in 2000. Later, the couple also ended up as business partners when Hunter became his wife's manager plus production partner in her talk show The Wendy Williams Show. 

Though married for such a long time, there were always some speculations that the talk show host's husband was cheating on his wife.

In 2017, when the news about Hunter's affair came up, Williams defended her husband and didn’t believe the story. On her show too, she showed her wedding ring and said, “You can believe what you want. I stand by my guy.”

Nonetheless, in 2019, her trust in her partner got shattered after finding out that he was cheating on her and even had a baby with Hudson. Following the revelation, the New Jersey native broke every relationship with her husband, fired him from her show, and eventually filed for divorce in April 2019.

As a part of their divorce agreement, the television executive had to leave the couple’s marital house, and Williams had to pay him $250,000 to make up for his new living arrangements.

Later, in June 2020, he shared his side of the story in an exclusive interview with YouTube star Tasha K. He revealed that he cheated on his former wife, Williams, because of her hectic work schedule and habit of drinking and using recreational drugs.

Tasha, the reason I cheated is because Wendy never took a day off…I would try to get her to take vacations and then when she did have time off, she [Williams] would be drinking, or doing drugs, and I wanted a wife.

Hunter’s Affair With Sharina Hudson

Even though the affair's news first emerged in 2017, it seems that they were together even before that. As per an article in The DailyMail, published on September 25, 2017, they were together for over ten years.

In the same article, it was also mentioned that Hunter had moved his mistress into a $765,000 house, which was located just nine miles away from where he used to live with his then-wife. Moreover, he even used to visit Hudson three to four times a week and often stayed over.

The television producer was also seen spending romantic time with her in Morristown, New Jersey, just a few days after his vacation with Williams. And, surprisingly, they even went to the gym together just like a regular couple.

Kevin Hunter with his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson

Kevin Hunter with Sharina Hudson while they were at Morristown, New Jersey. (Source:

Likewise, around the same time, a picture of Hudson wearing a massive diamond ring on her engagement finger surfaced on the internet. Some people even thought that the alleged couple got engaged. However, the gossips and rumors around the ring eventually got rested.

The Lovers Welcomed A Baby In 2019 

In 2019, the affair was brought up again after the talk show host and her husband's relationship began to worsen. In just a short period, another news broke, stating that Hudson was blessed with Hunter's daughter, which eventually led to the latter's divorce.

Once the divorce was settled, the lovers and their daughter began living together. However, they have not revealed any details—baby name or pictures—of their daughter as it seems that they have decided to live a low-key life now.