Australian-American comedian Jim Jefferies, who in April 2023 admitted to writing jokes for superstar Brad Pitt, has come a long way from the American sitcom Legit and the late-night show The Jim Jefferies Show. Jefferies' fourth Netflix special Intolerant came out in July 2020 and got a positive reception. 

And in 2023, the newly announced The 1% Australia quiz show host released his fifth podcast, High & Dry, making fun of his happy marriage and sober life

The article covers the Sydney native's personal life in detail, including his marriage with his wife and his past dating relationship.

Who is Jim Jefferies' First Wife?

Jefferies, who was born on 14 February 1977 in Sydney Australia, has only been married once. He got married to his wife Tesie Lawrence (full name: Anastasia "Tasie" Katya Breezy Dhanraj) in 2020.


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Lawrence, @tasiel, is a British actress who has acted in television shows House of Anubis (Mara Jaffray) and Criminal Minds. She has also tested her acting prowess in two movies, Good Kids and Shoot Me Nicely. She is a former member of the dark pop rock band WooWoos. 

The actress is of English and Indian descent. She has Indian heritage from her father Derek Dhanraj and her mother's name is Rebecca Sinnatt.

Previously, Lawrence's husband Jefferies was in a relationship with Canadian actress Kate Luyben, @kateluyben.


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Who did Jim Jefferies have a son with? 

Jefferies, who stands at 6 feet and 1 inch, has two children: a 2021-born son Charlie from his wife Tasie Lawrence, and a 2012-born son Hank from his ex-girlfriend  Kate Luyben. 


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Jim Hefferies' wife Tasie and his ex-girlfriend Kate Luyben both Support Him

Coinciding with the famous quote, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman,” Jefferies has two women—his wife, Tasie Lawrence, and his ex-girlfriend Kate Luyben—to support him unconditionally as he scales the ladder of success.

On July 27, 2020, Lawrence showed her support for her man through an Instagram post. The actress appeared to be utterly impressed with her husband's performance, as she tagged a proud caption.

If you haven’t seen @jimjefferies’s “Intolerant” on #netflix yet then you are missing out!

Besides his wife, the comedian shares an amicable bond with his ex-girlfriend, and she is also quite a fan of his show. On July 9, 2020, Luyben uploaded a post on Instagram regarding the comedian’s Netflix special. She captioned Jefferies is magnificent, and the show made her laugh continuously.

I watched this (Jim Jefferies: Intoletant) today, mostly while giggling by myself in the Trader Joe’s line up. Thanks @jimjefferies You are so hilarious and I’m so proud of you! Laughter really is the best medicine, you are awesome!! @netflix.


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Jefferies is still Friends with His Ex-Girlfriend

Before marrying his wife, Jefferies was in a relationship with actress Luyben. The ex-couple met in 2011 and started dating. They had a son—Hank Jefferies—on 7 November 2012. 

Hank got the opportunity to attend a "very, very fancy" Los Angeles-based kindergarten alongside other celeb kids that cost the parents $40,000 per year. Once the school complained to the parents about Hank's comprehension issue, to which, Jim replied, "At forty grand a year, that sounds like a 'you' problem, not a [expletive] me problem."

However, the couple grew apart and eventually split.

Jim Jefferies and his ex-wife Kate Lubyen

Jim Jefferies and his ex-girlfriend Kate Luyben (Source: Affairpost)

However, this doesn’t imply that the comedian and his ex-girlfriend are estranged. They still share a cordial bond and are supportive of one another. They look after their son together amicably. 

During the time of the pandemic, Hank started home-schooling, which in turn him more "dumber", according to Jim's interview with The Project in 2021.

Jefferies is Married to Best Friend Tasie Lawrence

Jefferies married Lawrence in September 2020. The bride posted a romantic wedding photo on her Instagram.

In the photo, Jefferies takes her waist as they indulge in a kiss. The bride places one of her hands over her hubby’s chest. With another hand, she clings to her wedding bouquet.

This post also revealed that Lawrence and Jefferies are best friends turned to lovers turned to husband and wife.


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In 2019, Lawrence had first revealed her relationship with Jefferies on Instagram with a picture of her and Jefferies accompanied by a heart emoji in the caption. Since then, the pair have been to public events and vaccations together and have been open about their relationship. 

If you don't know, it was her effort that helped her husband Jefferies switch to a healthy lifestyle. He has now quit drinking and also adapted to meditation, healthier food, and exercise routines. 

To DailyTelegraph, he said, “I’ve started to do meditation lately. My wife’s into meditation and I’m just getting into it. I find it very hard to let my mind go, to let it go blank and meditate properly. I would like to get more into it.”

Their son, Charlie, was born in April 2021, months before their first anniversary.


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On the occasion, she posted the picture of the father and son duo and credited her husband for being a "wonderful dad" to his firstborn and implied that he would certainly be an awesome dad to his secondborn.

She said, "Happy Anniversary to the best husband and father out there. One of the reasons I fell in love with you was because you were such a wonderful Dad to your first born, so It was a no-brainer to have little Charlie with the best Dad there is. (I promise this is genuine and you won’t find out I’ve murdered my husband or anything a week after posting this."


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Later, talking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Kimmel, Jefferies revealed that Lawrence helped him with her care as sensible "Mary Poppins" when he was having problems disciplining their son, Hank.

In addition, both Lawrence and Luyben's new partner have played role in raising Hank, as both families have a good relationship. 

 How much does Jim Jefferies earn?

The 46-year-old is estimated to earn around $2 million per year and has an estimated net worth of 15 million.