A few intros and logos have become so iconic that they carry not only history but can evoke anticipation for the movie title they are plastered on. The Marvel comics logo stands out for its distinct style and animation of page-flipping montage.

Marvel was once considered one of the big two publishers in the comic industry alongside DC Comics. Today, it has gone beyond the comics - Marvel Studios is home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)the most lucrative film franchise of all time. 

Marvel Studios Logo Redesign

Marvel Studios’ intro is one of the most memorable and recognizable ones to grace the silver screen. Ever since its first appearance in 2002’s Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire, it has been present in dozens of movies based on Marvel Comics.

From the mid-2000s to 2016, the intro had remained consistent with the iconic animation of comic-book pages being flipped, transitioning to 'MARVEL' written in white on a red background. But in 2016, during the Doctor Strange trailer reveal at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios unveiled their new logo.

Marvel Logo

Marvel Studios Logo. (Source: 1000logos.net)

The new logo had ‘MARVEL’ carved out of a silver plaque, while ‘STUDIOS,’ written in silver, was added to the right. The page flipping montage was followed up by concept arts of the characters from the live-action movies. 

Perception, the designers behind the new logo shared the concept behind it. The new logo was designed keeping the legacy of Marvel Comics in mind while also acknowledging the growing importance of the MCU as an integral part of the Marvel canon. 

A Brief History of Marvel Comics

Marvel’s journey to stellar success started in 1939 as Timely Comics.

Timely Comics’ first comic book was Marvel Comics #1. It came out on August 31, 1939, and featured superhero characters such as The Human Torch and The Sub-Mariner.

The company saw incredible growth during the Golden Age of Comic Books (1938-1956), introducing a plethora of superheroes, with Captain America being the most notable one.

Timely Comics changed its name to Atlas Comics in 1951 and ultimately to Marvel Comics in 1961. The same year, comic legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby put out Fantastic Four #1.

Lee and Kirby made their characters more realistic and much more human, emphasizing that even superheroes had their struggles. Lee redefined comics by rejecting the notion that superheroes were juvenile and founded a team that struggled with recognizable issues.

The legendary duo once again put out another celebrated comic, AVENGERS #1, in 1963. It saw Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hulk team up to defeat Loki. 

Since then, Avengers has grown to become one of the most beloved superhero comics of all time and is a massive part of the MCU, a behemoth franchise that shows no sign of slowing down.