Tayler Holder has finally broken his silence regarding sexual assault (SA) allegations and issued a letter via E! online as his response to the accusations.

Since February 2022, Holder has been facing a lot of backlashes. First, many of his close friends, including Bryce Hall, Charly Jordan, Josh Richards, Olivia Ponton, and Kelianne Stankus, unfollowed him on social media.

Some hinted that they unfollowed him because Holder had received sexual assault and misconduct allegations.

But unfortunately, most of them did not reveal the exact reason since Holder issued cease and desist letters to them. The TikToker also went on BFFs podcast to defend himself, but not much happened.

Since then, people like Hall and Keemstar have claimed that the allegations were real, and one of them included sexual assault against a minor.

Regardless of it all, Holder remained silent about it and went on about his business, ignoring all the allegations against him. He launched OnlyFans and is releasing his new music 'Human' on April 27, 2022.

However, the shadows of his sexual assault allegations were still following him. Now, two months later, he is finally breaking his silence and sharing his side of the story.

Tayler Holder's Response to His Public Breakup

On April 23, 2022, Holder wrote a letter to E! Online, addressing his "fans, listeners, haters, supporters and everyone in between."

The letter was his response regarding the accusations, his breakup, and how he felt about being canceled. He started by saying the "recently experienced scrapes and bruises" taught him great life lessons.

2022 had just begun, and it was already "one of the toughest years" in his life. It had a negative impact on his mental health because of various reasons.

The first one was his breakup with Jordan. The pair were the "it couple" on social media, and all adored their relationship.

Tayler Holder wrote a letter to E! Online addressing the online harassment and cyberbullying he faced

Tayler Holder wrote a letter to E! Online addressing the online harassment and cyberbullying he faced. (Source: Instagram)

But unfortunately, their relationship did not work out and ended six months after dating in March 2021. They revealed it was mutual, and they would remain friends after the breakup.

While Holder kept a facade that he was okay with the split, he wrote otherwise in his letter to E! Online. He wrote the separation was difficult since his and Jordan's privacy was not maintained.

In addition, since both are public figures, their breakup was publicized and scrutinized. Holder wrote that the publicity "made things more difficult than they should have been."

He did everything to maintain their privacy, but it was all in vain.

Tayler Holder's Response to SA Allegations

Holder addressed that the allegations of sexual assault and misconduct were fabricated. He dubbed the false rumors as cyberbullying, which eventually led to him being canceled.

The online harassment and cyberbullying took a toll on his mental health. Moreover, they also cost him "dearly on a professional level."

He fought hard to ignore online harassment and cyberbullying and confront it, but he could not succeed. This led him to take a hard look at himself, process his feelings, and battle the negative effects.

He spent a lot of time alone, away from his friends and family. He found a new perspective which helped him gain the strength to manage his struggles and loneliness.

Similarly, he learned how to be happy and live life outside social media. He wrote in his letter, "I have learned how to just step away at times, take those healthy breaths and find my peace first before I choose to react."

It helped him be creative and go back to his "love of music," leading him to express feelings healthily. Music became his "personal therapy." Hence, he penned a new song, 'Human.'

He ended his letter gushing about how 'Human' captured all of his feelings. This way, he poured his emotions into the song and hoped that it would help others as it helped him.