Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey are dating, and Tayler Holder is happy for them. 

Holder recently made headlines due to his sexual misconduct and assault allegations. But Holder has remained silent about it and has made his influencer friends quiet with cease and desist letters.

One influencer who unfollowed Holder following the sexual assault accusations is his ex-girlfriend, Jordan. Recently, it was revealed that Jordan started dating Jowsey. 

Holder has nothing but the best to say about his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

Tayler Holder on Charly Jordan Dating

On February 14, 2022, Holder was feeling particularly frustrated. He was spending Valentine's Day alone, and he took to TikTok to share his frustration. 

He uploaded a video of him driving a car while ranting about all the videos he saw on his For You Page regarding Valentine's Day. Finally, he confessed he cried a little watching two adorable videos. 

He then realized how lonely he was and cussed at the day. On the comment section of that video, a person asked if Holder saw his ex, Jordan, with Jowsey. 

The TikToker replied and said he saw them together, and he was glad that she was happy. Since the beginning of February, it was rumored that Jordan and Jowsey were dating.

Tayler Holder on his ex girlfriend, Charly Jordan, dating Harry Jowsey

Tayler Holder on his ex-girlfriend, Charly Jordan, dating Harry Jowsey. (Source: TikTok)

The two were quiet about it and denied when possible. However, the two were often seen hanging out together.

But recently, a video of the two kissing at a club while dancing went viral. A day later, Jordan and Jowsey took to their social media to confirm their relationship. 

Jowsey uploaded a TikTok to the sound 'Empire State of Mind' by Alicia Keys. The two appear to be in New York, presumably after they made their appearance at New York Fashion Week. 

In the video, Jordan ran to Jowsey, who picked her up, and the two shared a hug. Then, they shared a passionate kiss, confirming that the speculations of their dating were indeed true.

Via the captions, Jowsey wrote, "Happy Valentine's Day @charlyjordan." Since then, both Jordan and Jowsey have uploaded adorable videos and pictures of each other on social media. 

Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan Break Up

Once upon a time, Holder and Jordan used to be the "it couple" on TikTok. They were loved, and the two together had a massive fan base. 

But unfortunately, their relationship did not work out. The two parted ways in March 2021, and they announced their break up via a YouTube video titled, 'Why we broke up...'

There, they confessed that the break up was mutual. They decided to end their relationship after six months of dating because of the different lives they were living.

Regardless of their break up, the two were on good terms. They were often spotted hanging out together, which led to speculations of them being in a relationship once again.

However, they both denied the speculations and said they were just friends. But now, it seems like they are not on good terms anymore. 

Jordan unfollowed Holder after his sexual assault allegations but has not spoken directly about the accusations yet.