The Tayler Holder drama is more serious than it looks. On February 4, 2022, he sent cease and desist letters to his friends, hinting about his sexual assault allegations. 

Many of his close friends and influencers, including Bryce Hall, Charly Jordan, and Kelianne Stankus, recently unfollowed him on social media.

Some of them also posted cryptic stories hinting Holder had done something, which is why they cut ties with him. However, none of them clearly stated what was going on. 

Holder then went on the podcast BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards on February 1, 2022. His PR team sent him to talk about influencers unfollowing him on social media.

But Holder claimed he did not know about the drama and said he would handle everything offline. That was when Portnoy mentioned that there were sexual assault and sexual misconduct allegations.

Holder refused to answer about it. 

Tayler Holder Sends Cease and Desist Letters

After influencers had unfollowed Holder, they had not talked about the issue on social media.

However, on February 3, 2022, Hall uploaded a video titled 'I EXPOSED THE TRUTH ABOUT US,' revealing he received a cease and desist from Holder.

While talking to George Janko, he exposed info about the letter and addressed Holder, saying, "nobody is talking about you, bro." He then added he had not talked about Holder behind his back.

Markel Washington also addressed this scandal on his TikTok. He said, "if yall want the tea, just know it's boiling hot."

Similarly, Richards also addressed the drama and the cease and desist in an interview with The Hollywood Fix.

The latter uploaded a video on YouTube titled, 'Josh Richards Speaks On The Tayler Holder Scandal Allegedly Involving Minors While Leaving A Meeting.'

The interviewer asked Richards what the drama was about, to which the TikToker said that he does not know about it. Richards also complained that Holder should not have to come to the podcast if he wanted to keep things offline.

The interviewer revealed that someone proposed to give him the cease and desist sent by Holder in exchange for $500. Richards then said that he did not receive the letter.

According to Keemstar, around 50 influencers have received the letter.

Tayler Holder, Keemstar and Drama

On February 4, 2022, DramaAlert leaked the cease and desist letter received by other influencers. Keemstar, the host of DramaAlert, also posted it on his Twitter.

The letter said that the receivers had falsely claimed that Holder had been involved in criminal behavior. It demanded that the receivers stop talking about Holder in a negative sense. 

Till now, it is unknown what exactly the allegations are. However, Keemstar addressed the drama on his YouTube channel, saying that there were allegations of sexual assault against the TikToker.

He called Holder to ask why people were unfollowing him, but the latter did not respond to Keemstar. So, Keemstar contacted as many influencers as he could. 

The DramaAlert host then said, "there were multiple alleged victims claiming that Taylor Holder did horrendous things to them." Allegedly, Keemstar was also told the victims' names, but he did not reveal them.

He clarified that multiple "trusted sources" gave him news about allegations of sexual assault and even possibly rape. To make matters worse, Keemstar said that the alleged victim was a minor. 

He said that he could not see Holder "doing anything bad to anyone, but you never know." That is all there is to this drama at the time of writing.

We do not know if the allegations in this drama are true or not. Similarly, unless there is solid proof against Holder, nothing can be said for sure.