Dennis Feitosa, aka Def Noodles, has been a victim of a Twitter ban and suspension since July 2021. 

He believes Keemstar was behind it and has claimed that the latter has hinted at it frequently. 

Feitosa is one of the prominent faces in the drama community of YouTube and other social medias like Twitter and Instagram.

Over the past few years, he has amassed a massive following with his impressive reporting skills. 

Usually, he reported beef and drama via Twitter. But in July 2021, he received a suspension and then got a permanent Twitter ban. 

Why Did Def Noodles Get Suspended?

To date, nobody knows why Feitosa got suspended and what brought around the Twitter ban. He tried to get his account back when he first got the ban. 

Unfortunately, he could not do so. The YouTuber claimed he reached out to the platform to ask for a reason for the ban, but he never received an answer. 

After his first Twitter ban, Feitosa opened a new account and started functioning from there. But once again, it was banned permanently. 

Since then, he has been exclusively reporting on Instagram and YouTube. There are a lot of speculations for the suspension and ban.

Insider had reported that the permanent ban resulted from Feitosa violating Twitter's rules. Keemstar had said several times that he was not behind the ban.

Once, Feitosa also suspected that Addison Rae's team might be behind it. This was because a day before his ban, he had reported the TikToker allegedly being a Donald Trump supporter.

Another reason for the ban might be the mass reporting the account reportedly received. 

Def Noodles' Instagram stories accusing the DramaAlert host of his suspension.

Def Noodles' Instagram stories accusing the DramaAlert host of his suspension. (Source: Instagram)

Is Keemstar Behind Def Noodles' Twitter Ban?

Time and again, Feitosa has pointed out that the DramaAlert host might be the reason for the ban. And every time, the latter has refuted them. 

On January 20, 2021, Feitosa revealed that his secret Twitter account got banned. The account was not public and contained no information about him. 

Furthermore, he had misspelled Def Noodles so as to not be found and also used a VPN to use the account.

He purposefully hid it from the public since he only used it to create thumbnails for his Instagram. 

However, the day after Dustin Daily, another drama channel commentator, got suspended, Feitosa's account was also suspended.

He claimed Keemstar was behind it since the latter had hinted at it. 

Rich Lux had tweeted about Daily's suspension, and the DramaAlert host replied, "I didn't even know him. Hi defamation noodles."

Feitosa noted that this was Keemstar's way of admitting to his role in the Twitter ban. 

Dennis Feitosa talking about his Twitter ban on his Instagram stories.

Dennis Feitosa talking about his Twitter ban on his Instagram stories. (Source: Instagram)

Feitosa claimed Keemstar allegedly had contacts at Twitter and used them to report and cause the suspension.

He questioned why his account was banned while fake accounts impersonating him were still functioning. 

He pointed out that he did nothing wrong and had harassed no one. Similarly, he had never used his account to attack anyone. 

Instead, he only used it to report news and beef. Twitter never gave him a reason for the ban, and false narratives are floating on the internet for it. 

Keemstar has not responded to the allegations by Feitosa at the time of writing.