One of the most controversial YouTubers, Daniel Keem (best known as Keemstar), is leaving the platform. He is the host of DramaAlert, a news channel on YouTube.

He tweeted he was retiring on October 25, 2021, and said he would provide the complete statement later. His tweet received mixed reactions, since many people were happy that the controversial YouTuber was finally going into retirement. 

Is Keemstar Retiring?

Via a series of tweets, Keemstar confirmed that he was retiring. He said he was going to miss the internet and hosting his infamous channel DramaAlert. 

However, when he said he was retiring, it was only from DramaAlert and YouTube, not other social media. A fan asked if he was leaving the entire internet to which, Keemstar said he would still be on Twitter, but no longer host DramaAlert. 

He added he would explain everything in the upcoming DramaAlert video. He thanked all his fans and followers for supporting him all these years and said the retirement idea was more challenging than he expected.

Many of his followers thought the YouTuber was trolling since he had announced his retirement a couple of times in the past. Back then, his announcements were lies, so people tweeted at him, asking if he was doing the same this time. 

To clarify the assumption, Keemstar uploaded a video confirming he was not trolling but telling the truth. He was 27 when he started doing YouTube, and it had been almost 14 years since he had been on the internet. 

So, it was finally time for him to go into retirement. He admitted this decision was a tough one, but he would go through with it. 

Ethan Klein and Def Noodles React to Keemstar's Retirement

Keemstar has had beef with many YouTubers in the past. However, his most prominent one is with the host of the H3 Podcast, Ethan Klein. The two have been going back and forth for years, where they attack one another over their actions. 

Keemstar has even admitted to reporting Klein's videos to the CEO of YouTube, which has resulted in Klein getting banned from the platform for a week. 

On October 25, 2021, Klein reacted to Keemstar's announcing on his podcast, H3TV. In the thirteenth episode titled 'I'm Cancelled,' Klein dubbed the DramaAlert host as "one of, if not the worst person I've ever known on or off the Internet."


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Klein recalled Keemstar's most controversial actions over the years, including attacking Etika and Bashurverse and being happy after they died. Similarly, Klein called him a malicious person who attacked people on the internet every day. 

He further said that the only reason people tolerate Keemstar was because they were afraid he would attack them. Keemstar has harassed Klein and his family, where he sent a hate mob towards Klein's wife, Hila, and called her a horse. 

All in all, Klein recalled all the atrocious acts Keemstar had done to date and said it was better if he left the internet. 

Def Noodles, a satirical commentator, noted that the DramaAlert host had said he would be retiring in the past but had never done it before. Def Noodles also implied that Keemstar's social media channels were dying since they barely got any engagement.

According to him, the tweets announcing his retirement have received more engagement than other tweets he had posted in the past few months. Keemstar did not respond to the comments by both Klein and Def Noodles.