Daniel Keem has been on YouTube and the drama community for a very long time. He is better known as his alias Keemstar and runs the DramaAlert channel on YouTube. 

Regardless of being in this community for almost a decade, Keemstar has turned himself into one of the most hated creators on the platform. According to a poll by Insider, Keemstar holds the ninth position among the ten most disliked influencers. 

This is because the DramaAlert host has controversial opinions about almost everything. He uses Twitter to give his thoughts, and as a result, he gets massive backlash for them. 

Just a month ago, Keemstar was getting called out for having a girlfriend 19 years younger than him. Moreover, he also faced massive backlash for implying that he was dating his 20-year-old assistant

When Keemstar is not arguing with other influencers like Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas, he usually trolls people on issues like mental health and weight loss.

The DramaAlert host has never hesitated to fat shame people. He has been doing this for many years, claiming to help people get healthy by fat shaming them. 

Recently, he openly and shamelessly promoted fat shaming via his campaign, #StopBeingFat.

Keemstar and #StopBeingFat Campaign

On October 2, 2021, Keemstar took to Twitter to announce a CashApp giveaway. He uploaded a video with the requirements his fans and followers needed to earn $500 via the campaign. 

The first requirement was to retweet the announcement video, and the second was to upload a video of people working out with the hashtag #StopBeingFat.

He also asked people to put their ids for CashApp, PayPal, or any other financial platform so that he could give $500 to the winner. Keemstar further said he was "sick of it" and asked people to "get out of the couch." 

He implied that the motive behind the #StopBeingFat campaign was to promote getting in shape. Soon after the controversial YouTuber uploaded the video, the hashtag was trending on the sixth spot. 

However, Keemstar received a massive backlash for the campaign. The hashtag trending was not just for the giveaway but also to call out the DramaAlert host for promoting fat shaming. 

One such person to out him was Daniel Newman. He said that Keemstar used the #StopBeingFat because he knew it was problematic. As a result, the hashtag would go viral fast. 

Keemstar responded to Newman and gave experts' opinions on people dying from COVID-19. He alleged that one common reason for the death was overweight. 

Keemstar did not give the source of his comment but said that this was the reason he was trying to save lives by fat shaming. He was okay with the hate if he could save a few people. 

Newman responded to Keemstar's reply and pointed out that gay people were one of the reasons behind the AIDS Crisis in the 80s. So, Newman asked the DramaAlert host if he would gay-shame people to save lives. 

Keemstar answered back, saying Newman was being homophobic since sexuality was not a choice. But overeating and not exercising were.

Regardless of the backlash, Keemstar promoted his #StopBeingFat campaign, and, as promised, he gave $500 to the winner of his choice.