TikToker and now-movie star, Addison Rae, has been stepping up her game recently. She’s out to conquer Hollywood after conquering social media.

However, when one becomes famous, people track your every move and blow small things out of proportion. That’s exactly what happened when she was spotted having a chat with former US President Donald Trump.

But what exactly went on there? And is Rae a Trump supporter, as everyone on Twitter thought a while ago?

Addison Rae Doesn’t Support Donald Trump

Rae gave an interview to The Los Angeles Times on August 27, 2021, which covered a wide variety of topics. The discussion began with the start of her career — how she became a bonafide social media star and is now stepping into the realm of acting.

Then the interview touched on her new role in the movie He’s All That alongside Tanner Buchanan. She has been accused of not deserving the role, a role she prepared rigorously for.


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But she realized she would get criticisms and said she was willing to accept them and work to get better.

The topic of criticism then flowed into her recent Trump scandals. Rae was seen talking to Trump at the UFC 264 event back in July.

When first approached with the question, the social media start was reluctant to talk about it. She said she was not comfortable talking about the particular subject and felt it was pointless to try to change her fans’ opinions about the incident.

However, she changed her mind a few moments later. Rae spoke out on whether she actually supported the former President and his positions on issues.

“I mean, I don’t support Trump,” said Rae, with a caveat that stated she respected anyone and everyone who supported him.

Rae Was Just Being Nice

Further going into her rationale behind talking to Trump, she said she was taking advantage of a rare situation.

“It’s very rare on occasion that you ever get to meet a former president, and I think most people could agree with me on that,” said Rae. And it makes sense that she approached him as she considered herself an amiable person.

She also opined that just talking to someone does not mean she stood behind what he or any other person condoned.

However, this isn’t the first time that the TikTok star has been accused of being sympathetic to the right side of the political spectrum. In August 2020, she was accused of the same after speculations surfaced that she had a republican flag in her room.

But she isn’t scared of being canceled, regardless of what people think about her. She knows herself better than anyone else and has set out to carve a new career in acting.

Rae has been getting a lot of praise for her acting, including from Buchanan. And by the looks of it, she isn't stopping anytime soon.