Cancel culture has been an effective tool for netizens to dismiss any actor from their projects, more so now than ever, as the Internet hugely affects the entertainment industry.

And it turns out, the social media phenomenon Addison Rae has also already tasted the wrath of cancel culture. Here's a run-down on what started the scandal and how she responded. 

Addison Rae's Pro-Trump Scandal

It all started when a video showing Rae being friendly with former President Donald Trump blew up on the Internet.

On July 11, 2021, the TikTok star attended the UFC 264 event to watch Conor McGregor's fight against Dustin Poirier. Coincidentally, the former commander-in-chief showed up at the game.

Rae approached Trump, tapped him on the shoulder, and introduced herself. After a brief introduction, the two shook hands, and Rae remarked, "so nice to meet you."

Two days after, the YouTube channel named NELK uploaded a video featuring their interaction, and within hours, the clip went viral. 

In the light of Rae's interaction with Trump, netizens believed Rae was a Trump supporter.

Twitter started getting mixed opinions about the event. There were even remarks on how Rae should be canceled from her Netflix film He’s All That.

And to make matters worse, Rae's previous controversies regarding the anti-Black Lives Matter video also added to the scandal.

In 2020, the Louisiana native had come under fire for reposting a video that condemned the Black Lives Matter movement. After being referred to as a racist, Rae publicly apologized through a Twitter statement in July 2020.  

Pinpointing the past scandal, one Twitter user opined how Rae wasn't upfront with herself. 

I swear they only support blm when it benefits them… why would she want to say hi?? It ain’t adding up.

Despite multiple criticisms, the social media star didn't comment on the matter, even when media outlets reached out to her for comments. But she finally shared her thoughts during an interview. 

Addison Rae on Being Canceled

In an interview with Elle on July 26, 2021, Rae shared her thoughts on cancel culture. Talking about her experience on the subject, she confessed she had learned not to worry about such stuff. Furthermore, she stated how she didn't have to prove to anyone her credibility. 

The 20-year-old expressed similar thoughts while giving a lie detector test to Vanity Fair on August 9, 2021. When the interviewer asked if she feared being canceled, Rae unhesitantly answered "no."

As the interrogator inquired if she never feared it, Rae admitted that she previously worried about it. Then, she asserted how she gained confidence as she grew as a person and an artist. 

I know myself better than most people ever will. So, I trust everything will be okay.   

Right after she answered, the questioner asked if she ever had nightmares about being canceled. Rae initially replied with no, but as the lie detector gave an unclear reading, she laughed and said she didn't remember having such nightmares. 

Other than cancel culture, Rae also talked about TikTok, her ex-boyfriends, and the Kardashians.