Tayler Holder is another influencer to join OnlyFans (OF). 

He is moving on from all the allegations of sexual assault and misconduct he received in early 2022. In February 2022, he was unfollowed because of such claims on social media. 

Some people who unfollowed him were his close friends like Bryce Hall, Olivia Ponton, Charly Jordan, Kelianne Stankus, Josh Richards, and Chase Mattson.  

Most of them had assured that Holder had done something bad, including sexual misconduct of a minor.

But they were silenced after Holder sent cease and desist letters, asking them not to talk about such issues. 

Tayler Holder promoting his OnlyFans (OF) via shirtless photos of himself

Tayler Holder promoting his OnlyFans (OF) via shirtless photos of himself. (Source: Instagram)

Holder also assured that everything was handled legally and behind the scenes, so nothing was revealed.

While many are curious about what is going on with him, it seems like he is leaving things in the past. 

He has many things going on at the moment, including OF and new music. 

Tayler Holder's OnlyFans (OF)

Before Holder revealed his OF, he had teased about it on social media. His curiosity rose in 2020 when he tweeted if launching an OF was a new trend. 

But he opened one almost two years later to post exclusive content on it. His first post on the platform was made in mid-March, but the TikToker started promoting it recently. 

Most of his "exclusive content" is of himself shirtless and wearing Calvin Klein underwear. His fans were more than ecstatic to see Holder open an OF. 

Tayler Holder posing for a picture shirtless with Calvin Klein underwear

Tayler Holder posing for a picture shirtless with Calvin Klein underwear. (Source: Instagram)

They congratulated him for launching one and were excited to see his exclusive content.

However, it seems like he will not only promote shirtless pictures of himself in Calvin Klein underwear on the platform. 

As of recent, he has only uploaded photos, but his exclusive content may include music in the near future.

Tayler Holder's New Music 

Holder is a jack of all trades. He is a man with many talents, including singing. 

To date, he has released five singles, 'Who Am I,' 'Feels Like Christmas,' 'I'll Be Alright,' '100 Rounds,' and 'Never Was You.' He has been teasing his sixth single on social media, and he will be dropping it soon, by the looks of it.

On March 26, 2022, he took to TikTok to reveal the meaning behind his new song. He admitted he had been going through the "lowest points" in his life. 

Therefore, to cope with it, he wrote a new song. He then revealed a verse of the music and lip-synced it with his friends in his car. 

The lyrics went, "I am only human, hit me I'm bruising. And why do you judge these things and hate me for my mistakes. I'm looked at so different, but nobody listens. I say that I'm not okay, but nobody cares to stay, oh I'm only human."

Holder might go on a tour sometime soon as well. On March 17, 2022, he announced on TikTok that he was thinking of doing shows around the USA and "possibly internationally."

He then asked his fans to reveal the cities they live in via a link so that he could finalize which places to go on tour. Aside from these ventures, Holder has also been making public appearances.