Stephanie Seymour had the misfortune of losing one of her children a year ago. Harry Joseph Brant, an aspiring model and journalist, succumbed to an accidental overdose at just 24.

On his one-year death anniversary, Seymour penned a heartbreaking post about her kid's passing on Instagram.

Stephanie Seymour Misses Son Harry Brant Every Day

Seymour's post about Harry's death came on January 18, 2022. She posted a few pictures of him — the collage started with a snap of him from when he was very young.

"I missed you today but that’s nothing new," the post began, as she described how she felt her son's absence every day.

She said she had missed him "a million times" the day before and implied that it had been the case every day since his passing.

Stephanie Seymour with son Harry Brant.

Stephanie Seymour with late son Harry Brant. (Photo: Stephanie Seymour/Instagram)

Seymour wanted to tell her son how much she missed him, but only upon getting to her phone did she realize she could not text him anymore to tell him how she felt.

She still saw his bright smile "at least twenty times" that day. Those happy memories, too, ended in pain as she realized they were all in her head.

His death did not seem real to her. She revealed that she "drove without presence" and the world seemed "surreal" to her. "And on comes your song and this doesn’t seem real," said Seymour.

Continuing her rhyming words, she said missing Harry had been an everyday thing for her. Her realization was that missing him was all she could do — "it’s all that I’ve got."

She wished she could just pull her son "down here," expressing her fear of losing the recollections she had of his face.


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"There seems to be no coming end to this sorrow," continued Seymour. But she had been trying to go along with life.

She felt that her son cared for her and was "willing [her] on" from where he had gone.

Ending her heart-wrenching writing, she wrote she would not leave her son behind while she moved on with her life.

Seymour also had a wish to recall memories with him but not feel sad doing so. She wanted to feel glad when she remembered Harry.

At the end of the caption, she revealed she had borrowed the beautiful poem from Donna Ashworth.

Stephanie Seymour’s Son Was Days Away from Recovery

Harry had been fighting his way through addiction and forging a way for himself in the fashion industry when he died.

Seymour and her husband, Peter Brant, revealed that Harry had been "just days away from re-entering rehab" for his addictions during their statement at the time of his death.

An overdose on prescription medication was Harry's cause of death.

Born in 1996, a year after his parents' wedding, Harry was the second of her four children with Peter.

He has one biological brother, Peter II, and a sister, Lily Margaret.

Other than three kids with Peter, Seymour also has another son, Dylan Thomas Andrews, from a previous relationship.