Shenseea, whose real name is Chinsea Lee, is now a big name in the dancehall scene. She got her big break in 2016 after meeting and collaborating with her now-manager and close friend, Rudolph Brown, also known as Romeich Major.

However, before Romeich, it was her son who pushed her to get better. The single mother, who raised her son without her baby father, strived harder to succeed in the industry after he came along.

He is still the center of her world and also the person who supports her the most, alongside Romeich and her extended family.

Shenseea Raised Her Son without Her Baby Father

Shenseea had her son, Rajeiro Lee, on November 17, 2015. She had her baby with her then boyfriend, who is now absent from their lives, at just 19 years of age.


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The singer has let no one in on her baby daddy's name and identity, but there are a few rumors on the internet about who he was and their relationship.

Some people believe she cut her baby father out of her life. There are even a few suggesting she claimed he got her pregnant and then ran away. However, she has not confirmed any of these theories.

As for who he is, there is an old picture where a pregnant Shenseea is standing with a man at what looks to be a bar or a club of some sort. In this picture, a man cradles her baby bump from behind her as they pose for a picture alongside their friends.

Shenseea with her reported baby father while she was still pregnant with her son, Rajeiro Lee.

Shenseea with her reported baby father while she was still pregnant with her son, Rajeiro Lee. (Photo: Facebook)

Whether this man is the father of her son has never been proven, either. There are no other pictures of the two together, or in any other context suggesting that they are Rajeiro's parents.

Regardless of whether he is or isn't his father, he has never been around. As for why, people seem to think Shenseea has deliberately kept him out of their lives.

There are speculations about how she did not even give him her number so he could keep in contact. This suggests she was the one who did not want him around for reasons unknown.

After Rajeiro was born, Shenseea, a single mother, faced a lot of financial troubles.


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"My life changed after becoming a mother," she told Billboard in July 2022. "I was so broke. I had, like, a thousand US dollars to my name with a newborn baby, as a single mom."

She realized she had to change herself for her son. So she started getting serious about songwriting and music, spending hours writing songs and tunes after putting her son to bed every night.

Within a year, her dedication paid off. She met Romeich soon after her son's birth, and on September 15, 2016, she released her first single, 'Jiggle Jiggle,' on YouTube, working with a beat Romeich provided her.

Since then, it has been a constant climb upward for both Shenseea and her son, Rajeiro, who signed his first commercial advertisement contract with Babybop Kids Store when he was just four years old.

Romeich Major Is a Father Figure for Shenseea’s Son

Shenseea and Romeich had an instant connection when they first met all those years ago. It began as a professional relationship between a manager and a talent, but over the years, it has turned into something deep and personal.

Romeich has basically become her extended family in the years they have known each other. And he has also become a father figure and a role model for her son Rajeiro.


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Rajeiro landed his first advertisement deal because of Romeich. He always thought her son had "star potential" and helped him capitalize on it.

The talent manager has confessed his love for her son on multiple occasions. Despite having his own kids, of which he has two — a son and a daughter — he cares for Rajeiro as if he was his own.

Shenseea and Romeich's family bond is stronger than ever. She is his daughter's godmother, and Rajeiro, too, spends a lot of time with his little sister.