Life has not been the same for some of Cooper Noriega’s friends since his death. 

On June 9, 2022, news of the TikToker’s death made rounds on the internet after it was reported that paramedics had failed to revive him. 

Many fellow TikTokers and his friends took to social media to post heartfelt tributes. One such person was Noriega’s former girlfriend, Sabrina Quesada. 

The former couple announced their relationship in late 2020, and fans shipped them immediately. It looked like the couple was going strong as they often posted TikTok together and loved-up photos. 

But in April 2022, Quesada shocked fans after she announced they had broken up. 

A photo of Sabrina Quesada and Cooper Noriega from when they were together

A photo of Sabrina Quesada and Cooper Noriega from when they were together. (Source: Instagram)

She revealed it was a mutual decision and there was no bad blood between them. Quesada also noted that she would always love Noriega and that he was her best friend. 

And when Noriega passed away, she was hit hard with grief. She took to Instagram and posted a tribute expressing the late TikToker was the best thing that had ever happened to her. 

Sabrina Quesada Opens up about Life after Cooper Noriega’s Death

Unfortunately, some netizens blamed her for his death because of the timing of their breakup and Noriega’s passing. 


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A small percentage of the internet theorized the late internet personality could not handle the breakup and caused his own death. 

Quesada never responded to it and laid low, but on July 11, 2022, she got candid with her fans about what it’s been like behind the scenes for her in the aftermath of her best friend’s tragic passing. 

She opened up about how it had been difficult for her to breathe with the pressures of social media and how upsetting it had been to see people using Noriega’s death for clout. 

“I wanted to make a video for Cooper talking about him and it doesn’t feel real. You add social media and it gets 10 times harder. I feel like I am under a microscope and people are watching me. It’s so weird,” said Quesada.

She added it was difficult for her to watch people take advantage of the tragic event and noted people were suddenly claiming they were friends with Noriega. 


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Quesada alluded these people were lying because she lived with him for two years and spent every second with him, so she knew a lot about his life. 

Michael Gruen Accuses Influencers of Clout Chasing

Previously, Michael Gruen had accused influencers of clout chasing using Noriega’s death just like Quesada.

He explained while people should pay their respect and send condolences to Noreiga’s friends and family, they should not claim they were close to the late TikToker to gain sympathy points and Instagram likes. 

The entrepreneur added many of Noriega’s “best friends” were lying because when he struggled with his mental health, they never hung out with him or asked him how he was. 

And unlike these fake friends, his real friends, such as Anthony Reeves, Josh Richards, and Nessa Barrett, were there for him. 

He shared there were nights when Richards, Reeves, and Jaden Hossler spent hours talking to him and trying to comfort him. Gruen then asked his so-called “friends” to stop the lies and pretense.