Ever since Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett broke up, there have been speculations that Barrett is back together with Josh Richards. 

The rumors started after the duo was spotted together on multiple occasions. 

But from the very first time those rumors started, the BFFs podcast maintained nothing was happening between them. Unfortunately, his co-hosts, Dave Portnoy and Brianna LaPaglia seem to think otherwise. 

In the June 8, 2022 episode of the BFFs podcast, Portnoy noted that they finally had a conclusive answer to whether his co-host and the ‘La Di Die’ singer were back together. 

The host opined that given the latest incidents, the duo was “clearly back together.” One incident Portnoy was referring to was Barrett’s burner account on TikTok following Richards. 

The second incident was about Griffin Johnson’s slip-up during his appearance on Tea Talk. 

Johnson recently appeared on Tea Talk and accidentally revealed that Barrett and Richards were dating again. 

He tried to save himself by saying he meant to “when they were together,” as in the past tense. 

Josh Richards Explains Everything

In the BFFs episode, Richards clarified his friend did not mean to say that and made a mistake. 

He also noted that the video was inconclusive, referring to Portnoy’s stance on him and Barrett being back together. 

But Portnoy and LaPaglia were not buying it, saying Johnson was one of his best friends and insinuating he was probably privy to things they weren’t. 

After that, the hosts discussed another latest sightings of Richards and Barrett. 

The duo was apparently at Nate Wyatt’s after-party, and a witness from the party had sent BFFs a video of Richards whispering something to Barrett. 

BFFs hosts discussing whether Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett are back together

BFFs hosts discussing whether Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett are back together. (Source: BFFs/YouTube)

They were up close and personal, and according to LaPaglia, there were probably whispering sweet nothings. 

In another video sent in by the same witness, Mia Mastrov, whom Richards was recently linked with, was sitting on the couch with Barrett. 

According to Richards, they talked for almost an hour, but he did not know about what. 

It is unknown who took these videos and sent them to BFFs, but Richards was vexed and said he would probably throat jab that person if he found out. 

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett Follow Each Other on Instagram

Hours after this newest BFFs podcast episode went live, The original Tiktokroom reported that Barrett and Richards were following each other on Instagram. 

They had unfollowed each other on March/April 2021 after Barrett and Hossler confirmed their relationship. 

However, fans were not surprised at this news, with many iterating that they saw it coming. And while some were happy about it, most criticized them. 

“The amount of drama they caused and the friendships they broke for what? they have no shame,” wrote one user. 

Another user wrote, “Honestly, not surprised. I’m sorry, but I would never be friends with someone or get back together with someone who cheated on me or abused me.”

Given everything Richards has addressed on BFFs regarding Barrett, he might address this re-following in the next episode of BFFs as well.