On June 1, 2022, Josh Richards uploaded the latest episode of Tea Talk on his YouTube channel, and joining him was his friend Griffin Johnson

The duo was breaking down all the latest dramas circulating on the internet, including one that involved Richards. 

Richards was reading out the different drama headlines from his phone and one of them read, “Josh was sick on a Friday night, so we had to go home early.”

Johnson didn’t know what that was about, but Richards explained that he and his friends were out in Manhattan Beach when he got chills and hot sweats. 

The BFFs podcast host called it a night and drove home, but first, he made a stop. Richards ended up at a party where Nessa Barrett was also present. 

At the party, he was filmed dancing with Barrett, and someone even reported that they were seen making out

The video went viral, and everyone thought they were getting back together. 

Richards, however, clarified it was not true. He danced with Barrett, but it was just “a closure dance.”

Griffin Johnson Says Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett Are Together

After that, they started talking about Jaden Hossler. While Richards was talking, Johnson cut him off, saying that he was in a bad spot because he re-followed Hossler. 

When Richards asked him why he did that, he explained everyone was following back, so he didn’t want to seem like the only immature one amongst his friends. 

He also explained Hossler was his homeboy when accidentally revealing Richards and Barrett were back together. 

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson on the latest episode of Tea Talk

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson on the latest episode of 'Tea Talk.' (Source: Josh Richards/YouTube)

“Jaden was the homeboy back in the day, but also I was shading Nessa every chance I got and then it’s like you guys are back together now,” said Johnson to Richards. 

When he was asked to reconfirm his statement, Johnson explained he had said, “when they were together” not "they are back together."

Johnson tried explaining the lie, but Richards cut him off, saying he was digging a deeper hole. 

But Richards clarified his friend did not mean to say that. So it is confusing what the duo was trying to say. 

Josh Richards Had Said He Would Never Reunite with Nessa Barrett 

Johnson and Richards could have planned it, or it was a slip of the tongue, and that Barrett and Richards were indeed back together.

In a previous episode of Tea Talk with Bryce Hall uploaded on May 13, 2022, Hall asked the BFFs host if he had thought about rekindling romance with the ‘La Di Die’ singer. 

Richards replied he had no desire to get back together with Barrett, for it would be too weird.

Even when the podcaster confirmed he had no intentions of reuniting, Hall opined the exes would at least be friends. 

Richards said nothing but clarified he would never be friends with Hossler again. 

Hall’s questions came after Richards and Barrett were spotted on a walk by the paparazzi. During one of the BFFs podcast episodes, Richards’ co-hosts had grilled him about it, but he said they were seeking closure and nothing else. 

He confirmed they were not dating and were just friends.