Sabrina Quesada has lost the best thing that ever happened to her.

Her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Cooper Noriega, died on June 9, 2022, sending shock waves of sadness through the TikTok community. Quesada was one of the ones most affected by the loss.

She took to Instagram to post a heartfelt tribute after his death, baring it all regarding how she felt about him.

Sabrina Quesada Hopes She Meets Cooper Noriega Again

On June 10, Quesada was mourning the loss of Noriega, as was most of the TikTok community. Amid all the sadness, she took her time to say her few words on social media about his passing.

A day after his death only did she make a post about Noriega's death. She didn't write much, but in her short post, she expressed who she had lost in Noriega.

"the light of my life," she began her post. "you're the best thing that ever happened to me."


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She expressed how sorry she was that he was not there anymore and expressed her hope of seeing him again on the next plane. "may we meet again," she wrote at the end of her post.

Accompanying the caption were a few pictures and a video that she chose for the occasion. The first one was just Noriega's portrait-in-greyscale, and the second was a picture of the two kissing and looking happy overall.

It was the third picture that hit the hardest. She had uploaded a screenshot of what probably was a few of the last text messages he sent to her.

"b safe and heal," he said in those. "god has his angels around u." The screenshot ended with a sweet message reading, "i feel greatness coming towards you," followed by a dove of peace emoji.

Sabrina Quesada posted a screenshot of her texts with ex boyfriend Cooper Noriega after his death.

Sabrina Quesada posted a screenshot of her texts with her ex boyfriend, Cooper Noriega, after his death. (Photo: Sabrina Quesada/Instagram)

The final clip she shared was a sweet video of the couple giving each other a peck on the lips.

Her Instagram has had a massive change since his passing. She has deleted almost every post that did not have him. The ones remaining are of the two, one of which is their anniversary post from October 20, 2021.

Quesada's post deletions suggest she still has a deep love for Noriega despite the couple going their separate ways in April 2022. She announced they had broken up on April 21, 2022, through an Instagram story.

Cooper Noriega's Mysterious Death and In-Pour of Tributes

Ever since Noriega's death on June 9 (he was 19 at the time), everyone who knew him, influencers, friends, and fans alike, has been sending love and support to the TikToker's close ones.

Alongside Quesada, Bryce Hall, Blake Gray, Noriega's best friend Anthony Reeves, Chase Hudson, and many others have shared heartfelt tributes. BFFs Podcast, too, mourned his untimely death.

Additionally, a GoFundMe page has also been created to help his family with his funeral as well as turn his dream to "help people with mental health and addiction" become a reality.


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Paramedics found Noriega deceased when they arrived at the scene where he was found by a passerby. He was found unconscious in a mall parking lot in Burbank, California.

With no signs of trauma on his body, the cause of his death could not be determined even after an autopsy. Further tests were requested after the initial examinations.

Noriega might have foreshadowed his death through a cryptic TikTok post. He also looked disturbed and out of sorts during an interview with BFFs Podcast in early June 2022.