American actor Owen Wilson has an unusual-looking nose. Upon close inspection, one can spot his uneven nasal line.

His many curious fans have always questioned whether he was born in such or whether something happened to his nose.

However, his hairstyle and bent nose have become a part of Wilson's trademark look with time.

The actor, seen in the role of Time Variance Authority's agent Mobius alongside Tom Hiddleston (Loki) in Loki, did not have a different-shaped nose while growing up.

Read the full article to get exclusive coverage on the Cars 2 (Lightning McQueen, voice) actor's nose. Also, we cover in detail about his age, early family life, brother, marriage with wife, children, and net worth.

What Happened to Owen Wilson's Nose?

Actor Wilson is Texan-born, and it is where he did his schooling.

Wilson attended St. Mark's High School and was widely regarded as a troublemaker during his school years.

In 2001 the Los Angeles Times published a report on Wilson and his career. The news report included notes from the actor and the people associated with him.

In the report, he was quoted talking about his nose, saying, "You know, probably my nose wouldn't have been that great even if it hadn't been broken."

The history of Wilson's nose apparently dates back to his high school days he was expelled from his school as a tenth grader, the news article mentioned.

He stole his teacher's textbook and also copied answers during an examination. Per the article, Wilson twice broke his nose during his school days. He broke it the first time during a school fight.

And more damage was done to his nose after colliding with a friend on a football field.

Timeline of Owen Wilson's Nose

After being rusticated from St. Mark, Wilson was admitted to Thomas Jefferson High School.

It is from his second school the actor graduated. Sometime later, he joined the New Mexico Military Institute.

It is claimed that his now-trademark nose was already in place at this point in Wilson's life.

In 2015, a Twitter fan account posted an image with a series of Wilson's old photographs compiled into one (now deleted).

The first couple of images are understood to be from his school days, while the second set of photographs can be seemingly traced back to his late teen years.

The striking difference in his nasal structure can be observed in the second set of pictures. In one of the photos, his nasal lining seems unharmed.

The photo in question is reportedly understood to be picked from his final years at high school.

While, in the second photograph, Wilson's outfit does look similar to that of a formal military dress where he can be seen with a bent nose.

Owen Wilson's Nose Has an Online Fan Base

Yes, that's right. Wilson's nose has a Twitter fanbase.

The actor's nose has a dedicated Twitter account named Owen Wilson's Nose, which goes by the Twitter handle @ItsOwensNose.

While the Twitter page lacked an adequate number of followers, it remained popular in its niche.

A quick scroll down the page hints at how the page has put out humor-filled tweets during the past years to engage its audience.

The Twitter account's origination can be traced back some time to 2013, as it was the year when the first tweet from the account was made.

However, despite claiming to keep the account "active forever," the Twitter page has remained inactive since July 2020.

Who is Own Wilson?

American actor Owen Wilson is a celebrated veteran actor who has shown his acting prowess in multiple genres of movies—out of all, he is best known for his eccentric comedic roles in movies such as Inherent Vice, Wedding Crashers and The Royal Tenenbaums.

In 2023, the Dallas, Texas native portrayed the role of Carl Nargle in the 2023 American comedy film Paint. The character was based on the famous American painted Bob Ross.

Wilson could also be seen in the upcoming movie projects, Haunted Mission as Kent and Deadpool 3 as Mobius M. Mobius—the character he has been portraying in the American television series Loki, based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe character of the same name. Loki is Thor's adopted brother and the god of mischief.  

In his personal life, Wilson has never been married but has been in numerous relationships with stars such as Sheryl Crow, Gina Gershon, Demi Moore, and Kate Hudson

However, he has three children, Ford (b. 2011), Finn (2014), and Lyla (b. 2018), from three non-celebrity women: former police officer and US government employee Jade Duell, his former longtime personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist and business and service executive Varunie Vongsvirates, respectively.


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Talking to Dailymail, Varunie, in 2021, claimed that the actor refused to meet their daughter Lyla and poured her dissatisfaction that he had only relationships with his two sons but not her child. However, she revealed that he was supporting Lyla financially, but insisted that "it’s never been about that."


How old is Owen Wilson's age?

Born November 18, 1968 (age 54) in Dallas, Texas, United States to Robert Andrew Wilson, an operator of public television and advertising executive, and photographer mother Laura Cunningham Wilson.

The Night at the Museum actor is of white ethnicity and is of Irish descent.

How did Own Wilson begin his Acting Journey?

After getting expelled from high school, St. Mark’s High School, for stealing answers with the help of two of his friend and cheating in geometry, Wilson was expelled from the institution after he refused to name other collaborators. 

The Shanghai Knight (alongside Jackie Chan) actor was never interested in academics, Still, his parents understood their child and remained supportive of him despite his dad being on the board of directors of the prep school.

After that, Wilson experienced a tough life at New Mexico Military Institute and later joined the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.   

Although he never graduated from the university, the college dropout status didn't stop him from achieving glory.

With his friend and roommate, American filmmaker Wes Anderson, from college, he co-wrote the movie Bottle Rocket in 1996 and also acted in it. After the debut, the pair collaboration occurred in two next Wes Anderson's directorial projects Rushmore and The Royal Tenebaums.

How many brothers does Owen Wilson have?

Wilson has two brothers and is the middle son of three children, all of whom are actors. 

And if you didn't know, The Midnight in Paris actor's two brothers, Andrew and Luke Wilson also acted beside their brother Owen in Bottle Rocket in 1996.  The movie was Andrew and Owen's debut first film role in the acting industry, whereas Andrew had already experienced two acting projects at the time in House of Pain and Das letzte U-Boot.

Owen credits his brother Andrew for assisting him in getting back to his life post his tragic suicide attempt in 2007, His brother stayed with him in his house during the difficult time and took initiation to create a schedule for Own each morning so that he could fight his depression.

At the time, Owen reportedly struggled with coke and heroin addiction

What is Own Wilson's Net Worth?

Owen Wilson has an estimated net worth of $70 million, according to Celebritynetworth. Collectively, his movies, collectively, have generated billions of dollars worldwide.