Owen Wilson has been a prominent name in the Hollywood industry because of his successful career. But, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his personal life. 

Wilson's love life is full of ups and downs. He has never been married, so he does not have a wife.

Similarly, there are only three publicly known relationships of his. 

His first publicly known girlfriend was Jade Duell, with whom he shares a son, Robert. Duell gave birth to their kid in January 2011, but unfortunately, the pair parted ways the same year. 

Wilson was then involved with Caroline Lindqvist, who gave birth to his other son, Finn, in January 2014.

The actor's third known girlfriend and the mother of his only daughter is Varunie Vongsvirates. 


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Wilson has a turbulent relationship with Vongsvirates, who claims that Wilson is an absent father. Here is everything you need to know about them. 

Owen Wilson, Varunie Vongsvirates, and Their Daughter

Wilson and Vongsvirates were in a casual relationship for almost five years before parting ways.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail in November 2019, Vongsvirates said she begged the actor to be involved in their daughter Lyla's life. 

Vongsvirates accused Wilson of being an absent father and never meeting Lyla. She gave him credit for supporting them financially, but that was about it. 

She also pointed out the irony of Wilson playing the role of a father in movies like Wonder but not doing so in real life.

According to her, Wilson voluntarily went through a paternity test in 2018 and was confirmed as the father. 


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But according to the documents received by US Weekly, it does not explicitly say that the actor is Lyla's father. Instead, it says that Wilson should not be excluded as the possibility of being Lyla's biological father. 

Apparently, Wilson did not want to get involved in his daughter's life from the beginning. US Weekly reported Wilson knew his then-girlfriend was pregnant since Vongsvirates was four weeks pregnant. 

Despite that, he was not with the mother of his daughter during her pregnancy and did not maintain contact after she gave birth. He took it a step further with the court's help since he did not want anything to do with Lyla. 

After Lyla was born, he refused to meet her and checked the "no visitation box in court," implying he did not want to meet her in the future. Similarly, he also did not want any custody of his daughter. 

Wilson has acted like this only with Vongsvirates and Lyla. However, he maintains a steady relationship with his other two ex-girlfriends and his sons.

He even mentions his sons in interviews and talk shows, like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when possible and spends time with them. 

Regardless of Wilson being an absent father, it appears as if Vongsvirates and Lyla are holding just fine, as per her Instagram. The single mother constantly shares pictures of Lyla, giving updates about her. 

On October 3, 2021, Vongsvirates shared a picture of Lyla, who looked like her father. Lyla sports similar blonde hair and blue eyes to Wilson. The picture was posted on the occasion of Lyla's third birthday.