It seems like Jaden Hossler has been around forever. But the truth is that he just turned 21.

Known for creating a bit of drama here and there, his 21st birthday, too, became a source of a lot of tea.

Jaden Hossler's Big 21st Birthday Bash

Hossler, more commonly known by his professional moniker jxdn, had a birthday bash on February 8, 2022, in celebration of turning 21.

He held an open warehouse party for everyone to come together and celebrate. A lot of VIPs and A-listers were present at the event.

Hossler performed alongside Machine Gun Kelly in the concert. In a few videos that have since gone viral, he was seen performing at what looked to be a big concert for the guests.


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The guests included Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, Michelle Kennelly, JROD, Charly Jordan, Mattsworldd, and Kenji, among others.

However, these were just the ones that attended. The invitation list seemed to be much longer, with a few daring and controversial choices.

Jaden Hossler Invited Girlfriend Nessa Barrett's Ex Boyfriends

Among Hossler's guest choices, two stood out to everyone paying attention on the internet — Josh Richards and Mads Lewis. They are his girlfriend Nessa Barrett's ex boyfriends.

These revelations came out around the same time the clips from his concert went viral.

TikTok Insiders, a TikTok gossip account on Instagram, uploaded a video on February 8. In the clip, Richards discussed his invitation to Hossler's party with another friend.

He was arguing about going to the party with his friend. "Should I just pull up?" he contemplated at one point.

However, he decided against the idea as the video ended. "I'm not going to his birthday. {expletive} that." he quipped at the end of the clip.

People were perplexed at Hossler's decision to invite Richards in the comment section.

Some were amazed that he had the guts to do that, while many others wondered if he just wanted to start drama. After all, the two had a feud going for a while in the past.

On the other hand, Lewis, according to fans' detective work, was present at the party.

According to a post by The original Tiktokroom on February 9, Lewis was spotted at the party.

In a side-by-side comparison, the post showed someone standing behind Hossler at the party with a beanie on.

The beanie seemed to match the one that Lewis was wearing in the adjacent picture.

The above snapshot of Lewis was taken from a video from the party, which is the source of another big spectacle.

Jaden Hossler and Karin Moskalensky were 'way too close'

Hossler's party was an open warehouse, which meant anybody could come and join in on the fun. That also meant a lot of unintended interactions for the birthday boy and a lot of rumors.

Something like this happened when Karin Moskalensky posted a video with Hossler. In the video, she was hugging the man of the hour tightly from behind as they shared a laugh.

Unfortunately, the video TikTok Insiders posted had no sound, so we do not know what they were saying.

This intimacy between the two prompted fans to spam Moskalensky's Instagram posts with comments.

Many of them suggested she respect other people's relationships, implying he was Barrett's boyfriend.

A few others wanted to know if Barrett was around when that video was taken. They also wondered if Hossler had agreed to the intimacy.

However, in the comment section of the TikTok Insiders post, people were not surprised.

Many opined that this was bound to happen. Some even claimed he had cheated on Barrett with Moskalensky and that the intimacy was nothing new.

The video made the rounds and became so huge that Hossler felt the need to address the situation on Instagram.

On February 9, he penned a few words regarding this and similar interactions from the party.

Jaden Hossler addressed his birthday drama with Karin Moskalensky.

Jaden Hossler addressed his birthday drama with Karin Moskalensky. (Photo: Jaden Hossler/Instagram)

He said that he took pictures and videos with many people at the party because it was an open warehouse. "Mad" people came up to him and took photos and videos.

"PLEASE CHILL U KNOW NOTHING," he wrote, proceeding to call people wanting drama "annoying" and claimed there were no problems at the party.

In a subsequent post, he just wrote the words "Weirdos" on top of his disgusted face.

Barrett, too, posted a birthday wish for her boyfriend, again, implying there were no issues between her and her "lover boy" because of the videos.