Keemstar and Ethan Klein drag each other online at every opportunity they get. They don't let go of their grudges, be it regarding old posts or fresh controversies.  

However, Keemstar has dragged Ethan's dad and mom, Gary Klein, and Donna Klein, into the mess this time. The DramaAlert host exposed Gary for liking and replying to the tweets of young women.

The scandal was prompted after Ethan accused Keemstar of dating girls with a huge age gap. 

Keemstar Exposed Ethan Klein's Father

On December 21, 2021, Klein tweeted about Keemstar dating a 20-year-old while the latter was dragging Hasan Piker.

In August 2021, The DramaAlert host was dating a girl with whom he had a 19-year age gap. 

He had received a massive backlash since his then-girlfriend was closer to the age of Keemstar's daughter than the YouTuber.

The two broke up, but rumors about him dating his 20-year-old assistant soon surfaced. 

While his assistant Brantley clarified the pair were not dating, Keemstar had fueled the rumors of dating younger women.

Since then, he has been bashed for being in a relationship with women despite massive age gaps. 

On December 23, 2021, the DramaAlert host shaded and exposed Gary for doing the same thing as him.

He said that Ethan kept dragging him, whereas Gary had public tweets simping for young girls. 

He also posted pictures of Gary commenting on the explicit pictures posted by women on Twitter.

A user, @nicholasdeori, made a video extracting an old clip from the Families podcast where Ethan, his mom, and father discussed this.

The video also contained various snippets of Gary commenting on women's tweets.

Keemstar replied to @nicholasdeori's video, "hypocrisy," because Ethan only pointed fingers at him and not his dad. 

The DramaAlert host also retweeted a tweet from @bzl_bub, which showed that Gary followed an account that posted explicit content about 18-year-olds. 

Similarly, Keemstar tagged Gary on Twitter along with a screenshot. It was about a sex worker who thanked Gary for supporting them, to which he replied, "You're welcome."

Keemstar also posted another screenshot that showed a girl who posted a picture of herself when she was 17. Gary had replied in the picture saying, the woman still got it. 

Moreover, the YouTuber escalated the scandal by exposing two of Gary's controversial tweets regarding the Black Community.

The first one was the latter replying to a woman who was disappointed at cops pulling her over. 

Ethan's father replied, "And you don't even look that Black!" Similarly, the next tweet was about him asking football players and the Black community to "keep their opinions to themselves."

Neither Gary nor Ethan have responded to Keemstar at the time of writing. 

Ethan Klein Discussed It with His Mom and Dad 

The scandal that Keemstar exposed on Twitter regarding Gary had already been discussed by Ethan and his mom in their podcast Families in July 2021. 

The mother-son discussed how Gary is open about sex workers and supports them on Twitter in the podcast's second episode.

Ethan said he did not endorse his father's Twitter because of who he was following. 

However, Gary was not shy to admit that he supports sex workers and what they do for a living..

Many workers appreciated his stance, who thanked him for the support.