Daniel Keem, who is best known as Keemstar, is the host of DramaAlert on YouTube. He is also well known for his podcast with Faze Banks, Mom's Basement

Keemstar has many followers from his channel and podcast, but his unpopular opinion is another reason he is famous. He is arguably the most controversial YouTuber since he finds himself in a new scandal every single day. 

Currently, he is getting a lot of backlash for wanting to date younger women. In August 2021, he revealed he was dating a 20-year-old fan he met during a meet and greet. 

However, the relationship could not last long. Soon after, people speculated he was dating his 20-year-old assistant, Alyssa Haleigh Brantley. Keemstar denied the relationship, but he trolled his followers on Twitter to make them assume more about his relationships. 

Keemstar is 39-year-old, and he has said often that he wants to date people in their 20s. On September 20, 2021, he took to Twitter to post pictures of four 39-year-old women and said that he would not date someone who remembered where they were during the 9/11 attacks. 

This was not digested by his followers since that meant he was targeting women in their early 20s. People were disgusted by the massive age gap between him and his ideal girlfriend. 

Moreover, one picture of the 39-year-old woman was of a missing and deceased woman. Regardless of these issues, people could not help but wonder about the relationship between him and Brantley. 

As a result, Brantley took it upon herself to clarify the rumors via Instagram Stories. 

Is Keemstar's Assistant, His Girlfriend?

No, Brantley is not Keemstar's girlfriend. She denied the rumors previously, but since they had not died, she took to Instagram stories to debunk all of them. 

She said that Keemstar was merely her boss and best friend. There is nothing romantic between the two, and comments about them dating made things weird for her. 

She said her boss was the best person in the entire world for her. Despite the public opinion about Keemstar, Brantley said that he was "way funnier and nicer" in real life. 

She then sarcastically shaded Keemstar's critics, saying that if he was not friendly to them, she did not care since Keemstar was nice to her. She also addressed the age gap between the two. 

Once again, Brantley emphasized she does not care what people thought about her working for an older man since this was not the first time she was doing so. Apparently, when she was just 10, she worked for men older than Keemstar. 

People are still commenting on her Instagram posts, thinking she is dating Keemstar, but it seems like Brantley has had enough of this. She has also updated her Instagram bio, which says "Very single." 

Keemstar is still fueling rumors about dating a young woman close to his daughter's age, so it might not stop anytime soon despite Brantley clarifying the speculations.