Jan-Harm Pol, otherwise known as Dr. Pol, is a popular veterinarian who has been around helping needy animals since the 1970s. 

Besides his profession as an animal doctor, Dr. Pol is also a popular television celebrity known for Nat Geo Wild's highly rated show, The Incredible Dr. Pol.

During his long-stretching career, Dr. Pol is known to have cured all types of animals, from white mice to snakes and cows.  


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The Life and Career of Dr. Pol

Per Dr. Pol's personal website, the Dutch-American doctor was born as the youngest of six children and raised in his family's dairy farm in Wateren, Drenthe, Netherlands.

In 1970, Pol obtained his degree in veterinary medicine from Utrecht University.

After his marriage with his wife Diane Pol, fifty-four years ago, the budding doctor moved to Harbor Beach, Michigan, and practiced veterinary services for ten years. 

In 1981, the doctor and his wife relocated to a rural area in Weidman, Michigan, where the couple set up Pol Veterinary Services in the year 1981. 

Dr. Pol's critically acclaimed show The Incredible Dr. Pol first aired in 2011 and is currently on its nineteenth season. The television personality is also the author of several acclaimed animal-related books. 

In a YouTube video posted by Nat Geo Wild in 2017, his son Charles explained how at first, he worked in the feature-film industry for about five years.

But unfortunately, due to the writers' strike, stopped getting work opportunities. 

Failure to move ahead in his career led the adopted son of Dr. Pol to start a tv show showcasing his father's work. Hence, this is how the popular reality show came into existence.      

Who Is Dr. Pol's Wife Diane Pol?

Dr. Pol's wife Diane is a native of Michigan and was born in the year 1943.

Her father was an animal lover, while her mom grew up on a farm among different domesticated animals. So, her connection with the doctor and love for the animals is understandable.  

She holds a Master's degree in Special Reading and is a former teacher at the Harbor Beach Elementary school in Michigan.

Diane speaks dutch, which she learned during her short stay in the Netherlands after her marriage to Pol. 

As per RealityShowCasts.com, she met the doctor for the first time in 1961 when Pol visited Maryville Highschool as an exchange student. 

Despite his return to his home country, the doctor remained in touch with Diane and invited his future wife to his native Netherlands at one point during their long-distance relationship. 

Dr. Pol's Adopted Children and Grandkids

The pair do not have their own biological children. Instead, they are proud parents of their three adopted kids, two daughters and a son.

Their daughter Kathy and son Charles were adopted at birth, while daughter Diane Louise was legally welcomed into the family at the age of seventeen.

She was previously living with the Pol family for eight years as a foster child. 

Charles is the youngest child of the Pol family, while Diane Jr., who was adopted as the third child, is the eldest among the three. Son Charles was born on March 6, 1979, while Diane Jr. was born on March 27, 1973. 

Kathy, on the other hand, is just a few months younger than her sister. Her date of birth is understood to be August 21, 1973.


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She was previously married to her husband Gregory Butch and became the mother of two kids from her marriage. Unfortunately, Kathy's beloved husband died at the age of fifty on February 20, 2016.

Three years later, tragedy struck her again as Kathy went through the untimely demise of her son Adam James Butch. He was only twenty-three years old at the time of his death. 

She is now left with her only child in daughter Rachel Butch.

Son Charles holds a degree in major communications from the University of Miami. He is married to his longtime girlfriend Beth Oakes and is a father to her daughter Abigail.

As reported by People, Charles and Oakes welcomed their second child, son Silas, earlier in July. 

Unfortunately, as of this writing, Diane Jr.'s personal life, including details regarding her marriage and kids, is publicly unknown.