Donnie Simpson has been with his wife, Pamela Simpson, for almost five decades. 

Donnie, who usually keeps his personal life private, has had many ups and downs in his love life. He cheated on his wife and was involved in an affair. 

Regardless of it all, the two are still together and making their marriage work. 

Donnie Simpson Cheated on His Wife

Donnie met Pamela when the two were 17 and seniors in high school in Detroit. After graduation, Pamela moved to Los Angeles with her mother and brother. 

Donnie had already started working on the radio at that time. He was broken-hearted that his partner moved without him and used to dedicate songs on the radio to her.

Donnie Simpson with his wife, Pamela Simpson.

Donnie Simpson with his wife, Pamela Simpson. (Source: Facebook)

Donnie was desperate to move somewhere near Pamela. Therefore, he used to ask people in the radio stations if they knew a place near the west coast that he could move into.

Eventually, Pamela came back to Donnie, and their love story started. Donnie was a bragger when it came to his Pamela and always gushed about her on different platforms.

However, the public was confused when they sensed Simpson's appetite in discussing his personal life had lessened.

His public image shifted from a "family man" to someone who did not do what the people expected of him.

It was then revealed that Donnie walked out on Pamela and the kids.

Though no specific details about who he was involved with have been revealed, the only piece of information to have surfaced from the grapevine was that she was younger than both him and his wife.

As a result, the relationship between Donnie and his spouse deteriorated. The pair were on the point of ending it all, just like every other affair story.

Donnie Simpson's then and now picture with his wife, Pamela Simpson.

Donnie Simpson's then and now picture with his wife, Pamela Simpson. (Source: Facebook)

But, as luck would have it, word broke that Donnie had ended his affair with the girl with whom he cheated on his partner. Regardless of it all, it was not easy for Pamela to accept her husband.

At that time, she had been married to Donnie for over 19 years. She found it difficult to embrace that her husband was in the hands of a woman younger than her.

The shift in allegiance and trust Donnie swore his spouse into an affair with someone younger didn't sit well with Pamela.

She believed her husband took her lightly to the point that he became dishonest with his family life.

The affair led to a separation between The Simpsons for over three years. 

The Aftermath of Donnie Simpson's Affair 

Despite the barriers that the childhood sweethearts had to overcome in their love story, their tight bond eventually brought them together after a three-year layoff.

Pamela Simpson with her daughter Dawn.

Pamela Simpson with her daughter Dawn. (Source: Twitter)

Pamela became a single mother with two teenagers at that point. She expressed her desire for her family to be together and said she was doing everything to mend their marriage.

However, Donnie was hesitant and confused to get back together. He had even filed for separation but had not moved towards divorce. 

But with the help of marriage counseling and conversation, the pair got back on track. Eventually, they decided to be together once again.

The husband and wife, who have been together for almost five decades, are stronger and more in love than ever.

And all of the gushing and adoration the DJ had for his lover years ago has reappeared, this time with a rush.

Donnie and his wife's wholesome pictures on their respective social media accounts, as well as their adorable children, seem to signal that they are happy and content with their lives.