Cole Beasley began his career with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2012. But later in 2019, he made a place for himself in another team, Buffalo Bills.

The NFL player lives a low-key life, and there isn't much personal information available about the footballer.

However, in 2014, when Beasley's wife updated her Facebook status from single to married, it was confirmed that the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony held in Coppell, Texas.

The Buffalo Bills player occasionally shares birthday posts and appreciation posts on his Instagram without giving out too much information about his family. 

The relatively private football player, however, recently made headlines as he objected to the NFL's vaccine policy.

He took this matter to his social media handle, Twitter, and shared with his fans that he would get vaccinated and promote Pfizer if they contributed a lucrative percentage of their earnings to his wife's name.

Beasley's fans and members of the NFL community went ballistics over his statement, but in between all this, the netizens wanted to know more about his spouse. 

Cole Beasley and His Wife  

Beasley dropped the picture of him and his spouse, Krystin Beasley, beaming at the camera on his Instagram in 2012.

After marrying her husband, Krystin Allain Willis, born and raised in Texas, she changed her surname to Beasley. She had a step-sister who died in an accident in 2007, but, besides that, she has two brothers as her siblings. 

She holds American nationality but belongs to mixed ethnicity of African and Asian who follow Christianity as her religion. 

My beautiful wife and 3 wishes.

Cole Beasley with his wife, Krystin Beasley, and their kids. (Source: Cole Beasley's Instagram)

Beasley's partner got into a controversy after she replied to a comment on Twitter and criticized the hater that blamed her husband for losing the game in October 2015.

Later, Beasley apologized for the situation. After that, his wife deleted the tweet and made her social media accounts private.

In 2018, Beasley shared a monochrome picture of his spouse on her birthday, and he said his companion was his best friend in the entire universe.

He said he didn't want to change anything about her and asked her to remain the way she was.

Cole Beasley and His Kids

The couple announced their pregnancy with their first kid, Ace, on April 16, 2014, through an Instagram post. They shared it just a week before their wedding date.

Beasley shared a picture of the sonogram with a caption, "I saw my little nugget for the first time today."

In 2015, Beasley posted a picture of his first son and shared his amazement, stating "time flies" as his son was about to turn one.

They later grew their family of three to five after welcoming their second son, Everett, and daughter Jovie Carter in 2017 and 2019. 

According to Beasley's posts on Instagram, they seem to be one perfect and happy family.