Cindy Busby has been with her husband, Christopher Boyd, for almost six years.

They dated for around three and half years before tying the knot on December 12, 2020. The pair often show off their love on social media, where they post pictures of one another or together.

Similarly, they usually gush about how much they love one another and how happy they are together. However, many do not know how Busby started dating Boyd and details about their love story.

Busby recently shared the details of her relationship with her husband in 2022. She sat down with Rave It Up TV and talked about how her partner was "the one" for her.

Who Is Cindy Busby Married To?

Like herself, Busby's husband is also involved in the entertainment industry. Boyd is an actor and producer who usually works behind the camera than in front of it. 

Not much is known about him, but he has 18 credits as a producer and 11 as an actor, according to IMDb. Busby revealed that initially, Boyd came to Los Angeles to become an actor.


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He landed some acting roles but found his true calling in producing. As a result, he became a producer and has been working as such for the past decade.

Some of his works include The Baxters, Sneakerheads, Play by PlayRelationship Status, In the VaultAll I Need, Shangri-La Suite, and Tell.

Cindy Busby and Her Husband Christopher Boyd

On January 23, 2022, Busby sat down for an interview with Rave It Up TV, where she went into detail about her love life with her husband. She confessed that she never visualized her love life when she was young.

Busby never planned her wedding or dreamed about her prince charming when she was a child. This continued after she grew up, so even when she had a boyfriend, it was surreal to her.

Busby went through "a lot of trial and error" to be with Boyd. She used to be the person who would try to make a relationship work even though it was bound to fail.

Finally, she was done with that kind of toxicity. Instead of making something work forcefully, she showed love to herself and started accepting herself.

Cindy Busby posing with her husband, Christopher Boyd, on their wedding day

Cindy Busby posing with her husband, Christopher Boyd, on their wedding day. (Source: Instagram)

She did not search for a person to love her but started loving herself. When she was focusing on herself, a perfect person came into her life without her knowing about it.

At last, she found herself a person who loved her and challenged her to be the best version of herself. Busby met her husband when she was hanging out with her friends.

That night, she had no intention of finding someone for herself. But when Boyd came up to her and introduced himself to her, he was vocal about wanting to date Busby and asked for her number.

The latter was surprised, but regardless, she gave her number to the producer.

Unfortunately, he noted it wrong, so he tracked her down before she left the place. She was in the car with her friends when Boyd knocked on her window and asked for the correct number.

Busby asked for his number as well and texted him. Then, they casually dated for a couple of months.

Cindy Busby with her husband, Christopher Boyd, and their dog Suzie.

Cindy Busby with her husband, Christopher Boyd, and their dog Suzie. (Source: Instagram)

The actress had to leave for Canada, but neither wanted to end their relationship. As a result, they gave long distance a try with the rule that they had to meet each other every three weeks.

It was the first time someone had put Busby first and taken care of her. She was smitten and fell deeply in love with him.

She confessed she was shocked when she was engaged since she never saw herself being tied to someone else in holy matrimony. Furthermore, she never was a "lovey-dovey person," so she wanted something minimal. 

Therefore, she and her husband had a small and intimate wedding for themself. The pair have been married for a year and a half and live together with their fur baby.