American Commentator Katie Pavlich found her forever love and wasted no time. Soon after, Katie got married to Gavy Friedson in a private wedding with a star-studded list of attendees.

Pavlich is mostly known for her work at American political conservative online magazine, Townhill and The Hill. She is also an author of a few bestselling books. She serves as a rotating panelist on Fox News Channel's daytime show Outnumbered and also appears in the various other shows on the network.


Blue Is The New Pink:- Katie appears alongside co-host Guy Benson in Fox's show, Final Exam in July 2018. (Photo: Katie Pavlich 's Instagram)

After graduating with a BA in broadcast journalism from the University of Arizona in 2010, Katie started her journalism career becoming a news editor for Townhall. She then joined Fox News Channel in 2013.

Fox News' Katie Pavlich's Career: TV Anchor To Best Selling Author

The Fox News contributor is also an award-winning author of Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left, Their War on Women, and New York Times bestseller Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up.

Katie has shared her viewpoint on multiple media sites, including CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and Fox Business. She frequently appears alongside commentator Guy Benson in Fox's show, Final Exam.

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She was awarded the 2014 Women of the Year and the 2013 Conservative Leadership Award from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. Also, in 2013, she was named Blogger of the Year at CPAC.

The former National Review Washington Fellow serves as a columnist for The Hill, Pittsburgh-Tribune, and Women's Outdoor News, while also serving as a Fox News Contributor. She regularly co-hosts the daytime show Outnumbered alongside Jenny Taft and filled in as a guest co-host on The Five.

Katie Pavlich Defends President Trump

On more than one occasion, Katie has proved that she doesn't shy away from opinionating conservative rhetorics on TV. Along with defending her right-wing rhetorics, she has been a supporter of US President Donald Trump from day one.

Her support for President Trump was on full display when she joined Mark Levin for an episode of Fox News show Life, Liberty, and Levin to discuss the topics of Racism, Feminism, and Socialism.

She was accompanied by conservative commentator Cadence Owens on the episode which aired on August 26, 2018.

The Arizona native defended President Trump's policy, which has labeled him a racist, by saying:

Calling President Trump racist is a propaganda effort by the media. [The media are] a bunch of leftists who truly believe that if you make the argument against conservatives ... that they're racist, you end the argument and then they win. That's not working anymore.

She doubled down on her rhetorics by alleging the left-wing media of not being able to cope with Trump's achievements as the President of the United States of America.

Katie Pavlich's Bio: Age, Height, & Parents

Katie was born on July 10, 1988, and was raised by her parents in the mountains of northern Arizona. Hence, her age as of this writing is 33. 

For those asking, "How tall is Katie Pavlich?", Katie stands at the height of 1.62 meters (5 feet 4 inches).

She grew up hunting big game with her father in the forests and deserts that Barry Goldwater called home. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her parents and her friends.

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As for Katie’s love life, she has already started her wonderful married life with an Israeli man.

Katie Pavlich Married Israeli Husband In Star Studded Wedding

Fox News star Katie has found her forever Valentine to spend her life with. 

Katie got married to her Israeli love, Gavy Friedson, in a private wedding ceremony on July 5, 2017. Her husband currently serves as a volunteer for the Jerusalem based medical services organization, United Hatzalah.

Fox News and conservative movement stars including Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld, Guy Benson, Jesse Watters, Larry Elder, Ben Shapiro, James Woods, and Nick Searcy attended her wedding and posted several pictures.

Katie also shared the highlights of her wedding day moments with her fans on her Twitter, where she mentioned that her life is going to be wonderful.

Just Married:- Katie with her husband, Gavy, at their wedding ceremony in July 2017. (Photo: Republican Security Council's Facebook)

However, Katie had not disclosed when she was engaged to him before her marriage.

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Marking the special moment at the beginning of 2018, she uploaded the picture with her husband, recalling the year 2017. In the caption, she stated that the best part of 2017 for her was marrying him. Further, she added that she loves him onto and beyond 2018.

Katie Pavlich Goes Sky Diving With Husband Gavy

Katie is currently relishing her joyous married life with her husband and often shares glimpses of their special moments on her Instagram.

On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary, Katie uploaded an Instagram picture with her husband. The picture was followed by a caption stating that if year one was any indication of how fun life was going to be together, they were in for an awesome time.

She added that she was blessed and grateful to get such a husband, and here is to their forever adventure. She also enjoyed skydiving at Skydive Suffolk.

Kiss Me:- Katie celebrates the first wedding anniversary with her husband, Gavy, in July 2018 (Photo: Katie Pavlich's Instagram)

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Katie then enjoyed her birthday week by visiting Virginia Beach with her husband and friends on July 19, 2018. Well, the enjoyment just did not end there as in December 2018, it was her husband's birthday. Sharing her love for her husband, she took it to her Instagram and wished him the happiest birthday. 

But the wishes for the birthday were not over. On February 15, she, with her forever Valentine, went to Arizona celebrating Arizona's birthday; her favorite place.