With a marriage of more than a decade now, things for Mor Shapiro has got rosier with every passing day. She provided a glimpse of her happy married life with her husband in an adorable message the spouses penned for their newborn. 

Mor Shapiro, age 30 is widely known as the better half of conservative political commentator, and lawyer, Ben Shapiro. A physician by profession, she also has her own established career and currently works at the Department of Family Medicine, the University of California at the age of 28. 

Husband & Wife: Mor Shapiro attends a fantasy costume party with husband Ben Shapiro (Photo: onlysimchas.com)

The physician started her career in an unorthodox way by writing newspaper columns. 

Husband Is Ben Shapiro, Net Worth 

Despite herself being a column writer, it was her marriage with Ben Shapiro, that led her to spotlight. 

Ben Shapiro is the youngest nationally syndicated columnist and has reached a great height of success. He also serves as the editor-in-chief for The Daily Wire, an American conservative news and opinion website which founded in 2015. He is also the co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the media watchdog group TruthRevolt.

Due to Mor’s low-key lifestyle when it comes to her professional life, exact amount regarding her net worth has not been revealed yet. However, being a reputed physician means that she has a decent income with a well to do salary. Not just that, she shares her husband, Ben Shapiro's net worth of $6 Million.

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Israeli Wedding With Ben Shapiro 

Mor was born in 1988 in Haifa, Israel to parents of Moroccan descent. She moved to California when she was just 12 years of age. Her upbringing and her early age have not been documented. 

Mor graduated in Bachelors in Surgery from the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California. She majored in psychobiology as an undergraduate at UCLA. She is now serving as a doctor, specializing in Behavioural Neuroscience.

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She married columnist Ben Shapiro in an Israeli Wedding in July 2008. Mor was just 20 years of age during the marriage while her husband was 24 at the time of their wedding.  The couple had returned to Mor's ancestral home Acre, Israel to tie the sacred knots.

Mor started dating her husband Ben after their first meet through one of his sisters. They had a four-hour conversation about “free will and determinism” on their first date.  After dating for three months, they decided to step up their relationship after being engaged.

Relationship Goals: Mor Shapiro with her husband of more than a decade Ben Shapiro (Photo: Pinterest)

Writing about his wedding in his column, Ben stated that Mor looked stunning and his father wrote an emotional music for the ceremony.

The couple recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in July 2018. Her husband, Ben even wrote about the 10 lessons he learned during the 10 years of their marriage. 

Thanking God for their successful marriage, he listed the lessons that include sharing values to each other, planning the appropriate time for children, spend on small things and save on big things and determine the purpose of important conversations among husband and wife. 

Celebrates Her Praising Husband's Birthday

Despite having been married to Ben for a decade now, the couple's affection for each other has not diluted, alternately it is going strong. Even though Mor is reluctant to share about her marital life with the public, Ben often mentions her in his Twitter leaving no opportunity to praise his wife.

In one of his tweets on 13 April 2017, he appreciated his wife’s intelligence and brain which he said will make her hot and attractive forever.

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And Mor returned a compliment on her husband's birthday on 15 January 2018, when she arranged a birthday cake as a surprise to her husband. Ben took to Instagram to show his wife's surprise and explained that he was taken back by her love. 

Pens Sweet Letter For Daughter With Husband Ben Shapiro

Not only is endless love a connecting link between the couple, but they also share a very close connection with their kids. After their baby girl, Leeya was born in 2014; the loved-up spouses wrote a letter to her showering her with love and affection. A small part from their message stated:

Dear Leeya Eliana,

This is Daddy and Mommy writing to you. You are now six days old, and you are tiny and cute, and you poop a lot -- and you get really mad when anybody tries to change you. But you are also sweet and calm, and you look at us with your huge blue-gray eyes, and we love you so much because we know that not only are you a manifestation of how much Mommy and Daddy love each other, but you are the future of the Jewish people and the American people, and that we are preserving God's word and His freedom for the next generations. That's why we gave you your name: Leeya -- in Hebrew, "I Belong To God."

The letter served to show the couple's affection towards their daughter. And in May 2016, the couple became proud parents to a son expanding their family from 3 to 4.

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At present, Mor is living a happy and lowkey life flanked by her husband and children residing in Los Angeles with the family.