For WKYC’s meteorologist, Hollie Strano, the vows of forever were shattered.

Once married with two kids, she broke up with her first husband. After the broken marriage, she found love once again. But did this marriage lasts forever, or did it too end up shattered? Let’s find out!

The Cleveland native is an American journalist best known as WKYC's morning show meteorologist and host of WKYC’s LIVE on Lakeside.

WKYC Meteorologist: Hollie Strano delivers the morning weather forecast for the Cleveland residents (Photo: YouTube| December 10, 2018)

You can watch the meteorologist at 4:30 am every day on a weekday morning and as the host of LIVE on Lakeside at 11 am on weekdays.

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She was also listed as Cleveland’s Most Interesting People by Cleveland Magazine in 2005.

Holly Strano Bio: Age & Birthday

Born in 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio, Hollie Strano celebrates her birthday every year on December 3.

The 5’3 inches tall (height) meteorologist was born in a family of five with her parents, younger sister Stephanie and younger brother Mike. She is very close with her family and often mentions them in her social media post.

Moving onto her education, Strano attended Jesuit Catholic University pursuing a degree in meteorology after high school.

After graduation, she went to Mississippi State University, where she earned her credibility as a certified meteorologist after receiving the National Weather Association Seal.

WKYC Meteorologist Holly Strano’s Salary Reveal

Soon after earning credibility, the bubbly and darling personality joined NBC-affiliated WKYC TV as an on-air weather reporter. For her job at WKYC, she had to wake up early at 1 am. Still, she described it as her favorite time of the day. What a dedicated woman!

But she also admitted that it left her sleep-deprived, and that was the reason why WKYC moved her show LIVE on Lakeside (LOL) to 11 am to ease her hectic morning schedule.

She is the host of her own WKYC’s 90 minutes show LIVE on the Lakeside, which discusses various issues related to the people of Cleveland. She hosts the show alongside WKYC meteorologist Michael Estime, and other WKYC members Alexa Lee and Joe Cronauer.

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The WKYC’s LOL is so well-loved amongst the audiences that it even qualified to compete against famous shows like ABC’s The View and CBS’s The Price Is Right.

As a staple member of WKYC, as a meteorologist, she earns an estimated average salary of $65,453. She even makes a good amount of salary as the WKYC’s host for its popular show.

Holly Strano’s Wedding With Husband Ended In Divorce

The gorgeous Hollie was married to her husband Brian and shared two children Jessica (2005) and Grady Toohig (2006).

High School Sweetheart Husband: Hollie Strano poses with her ex-husband Brian in an event (Photo: Pinterest)

With a lovely tradition of celebrating Christmas together: Irish supper at Brian’s mom’s house and Italian supper at her dad’s house, the couple was blessed with a big family.

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But sadly, the tradition couldn’t go on as the couple put a full stop to their married life after the divorce in 2011 for some unknown reason.

Is Holly Strano Married or Single Again?

After the broken vows from her first wedding, she found a special someone once again to renew those vows with—her second husband, Alex Giangreco. 

The couple met while Hollie was on vacation in Florida in 2010, and after exchanging phone numbers at the Casablanca, they went on a date to Aruba Beach.

After years of dating, they finally engaged in a bond of marriage in 2014 at a simple wedding ceremony in Pompano Beach, Florida. She then changed her surname to Giangreco after the marriage. 

Wedding On The Beach: Hollie Strano exchange kisses with her husband Alex on their special day (Photo: Ocean View)

Sadly, this time also her vows were left broken, and the journalist went back to the surname Strano. She confirmed the divorce with her second husband on Twitter in 2017.

But despite the broken marriages, she has maintained a loving relationship with her kids, who have been by her side through it all!