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Intrigued? But that’s not our intention. Instead, that’s Kimi Evans Words for you! Inspiring, isn’t it?

Kimi Evans is a weekend morning meteorologist for ABC7 Eyewitness News. She lightens up the day for the viewers of the morning news with her lively presentation of the weather forecast on screen. You may as well try it out and check if watching her forecast the day’s weather helps you make your day.

The weather forecast is not the only the meteorologist’s feat. She is an ascending entrepreneur who has her business in fitness studios behind the bars. She is the owner of two fast-growing San Diego-based fitness studios, Push House in Encinitas and Pilates Plus in Pacific Beach.

Kimi Evans Big Heart Forgave Father To Rest In Peace; Beautiful Inside And Out!

The full of live weather anchor was born on 27 February 1972. Provided she is into a big-time fitness, her features make it hard to believe her age is 46 years already.

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Kimi is a diva by both looks and by heart! She grew up in a void of a father. The father who left her to grow up poor with her struggling Japanese mother to call her family. But she grew up to be the brightest lady regardless of the scarce childhood. She grew up to have a big heart that had the courage to forgive the ran away father after she finally came across him.

Had she not forgiven him, she would have acted indifferent at his death in February of 2018.

Remembering The Dead: Kimi Evans shared the sad news of her father's death on her Facebook status (Photo: Kimi Evans' Facebook)

But her gesture of grief sought for her forgiving heart.

It’s A Great Go On The Career For Kimi Evans; Salary From Job, Net Worth From Business

People who know Kimi looks up to her with full of optimism and by now, you might as well do the same. She has a heart full of goodwill to make her admirable as a human and a sheer determination with which she is acing her career.

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Having completed her education in Broadcast Meteorology Certificate from Mississippi State University, she possessed the perfect fitting for the job of a weather forecaster.

She earns a salary of over $67,000 from ABC7 Eyewitness News. Although the numbers she makes out from her fitness business remains confined, with the ascending success, it is expected to the net worth bars high.

The entrepreneur who stands at a height of 5ft. 7 inches, has a professional life full of life. And, if the pace is the same for her personal part, her life is next to perfect!

Be The Husband For Kimi Evans Cause She Lacks One!

Believe it or not! The charming weather lady is not married nor she has one in the husband’s wish list.

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She remains single to this day. But there is a mere chance that the guys would miss a chance to get along with her. Be that guy to pair with her as husband and be lucky cause she is a woman worth chasing for.