Iconic Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has looks to die for - a stunning face and a charming smile, but the actor has overcome a major dental flaw to flaunt his now perfect smile.

The Middle Tooth 

Cruise is undeniably one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors, but his good looks and contagious smile is another reason he rules the hearts of millions.

However, there is a story behind his picture-perfect smile. The actor spent years to find the right dental solution for the front tooth, perhaps popularly known as the “middle tooth.” 

Many fans have noticed that his front right tooth is a bit out of place. In fact, if you have a closer look at his old movies and portraits, the pictures speak for themselves.

In 2001, just after his breakup with Nicole Kidman, the Mission Impossible star got braces to address an overbite and dental misalignment.


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Cruise proudly flaunted his invisible braces with ceramic brackets while walking the red carpet of Minority Report Premiere’ in 2002. The artist’s then publicist Pat Kingsley revealed Cruise would wear an orthodontic device for a year. 

Even before that, during the shooting of The Outsiders (1983), where he played the role of Steve Randle, the then 21-year-old Cruise removed the cap from one of the front teeth that had been chipped by a flying puck in a hockey match. 

The Dental Imperfection Never Shook His Confidence

Despite the dental flaw, the 58-year-old never lacked conviction. During his initial days as a Hollywood hero, Cruise mentioned why he happily embraced his newly found sex symbol status.

In a 1985 interview with Entertainment Tonight, he explained that the tag neither bothered him, nor did he particularly like it.

It doesn’t bother me at all. I mean, I don’t, like, resent it. I’m not tortured at night by it. You know, I’m actually very happy that people, you know, think enough of my work to feel that way.


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The Transformation 

The maverick actor started his career in 1982 with his genetically gifted looks and not-so-perfect smile. According to reports, he initially opted for teeth whitening for his discoloration and alignment procedures. 

When he appeared at a public event in 2010 with the completely transformed look, people went head over heels for him. After completing over twenty-five years in the industry, he aced the fresh look. 

By 2012, the actor had undergone a complete dental modification. At the 2012 premiere of Rock of Ages, Cruise looked ever so handsome with his newly improved dentition and a fresh haircut. Later in December that year, the actor was also seen at a charity event. 

However, the Mission Impossible star never opened up about his dental transformation. Many dentists believe he must have received porcelain veneers apart from braces. Some dentists also suggested that Cruise might have an implant-supported ceramic crown in the area where he lost his tooth.   

At 58, Cruise remains a fan-favorite, and the actor is known for his realistic acting skills, fantastic persona, and charismatic looks.